I m not putting a date on this, because whilst I have read it previously, on re reading I have simply not been able to get muchthan ten chapters in before deciding life is too short for poor fanfiction The characters are far too black and white and the author has no sense of what makes an interesting character three dimensional instead we end up with perfect Harry, abysmal Ron bashing and a manipulative yet somehow stupid Dumbledore amongst others.
Added to this is the utter idiocy of the narrative line at what point do we honestly believe Hogwarts would make an eleven year old child the Champion and give them a sword to run around with I don t care if he s goblin raised, that s just ridiculous In fact, it makes killing a troll seem borderline reas The direction of Harry Crow is fantastic in the fact it addresses the roots of the pure blood war that the book is about It brings bigotry towards goblins to light and attempts to address it However, it often places these negotiations on the goblins shoulders For example, the goblins provide the wards free of charge to a wizards school and hospital Why should the goblin community be expected to do this for a society that has mistreated them for centuries At this point their relationship with the wizards is still not much above that of a house elf The fact that they are sharing their wards with the wizarding community is something to be grateful for, but to expect them to do it for free is ridiculous Especially, since they not only set up the wards but also come to aid if they are attacked A quote that bothered me was He will Incredible book which overcomes magical speciesism, provides an interesting and comprehensive view of Goblin culture, and is generally well written even if Harry Crow isof an adult than a 11 13 year old What if Harry Potter fanfiction This is fanfiction and not for everyone, read at your own risk This time the what if is what if the Dursley s took Harry back to the wizarding world and dropped him off with the goblins This is a Harry Hermione romance and there is some teenage sex in it.
Okay, I ve only read up until chapter 30 When I first started reading this fanfic I really enjoyed the idea that the author had envisioned Harry being raised by the goblins at Gringotts really gives the HP story a twist, not to mention the antagonisation of Dumbledore However, the repetitive writing and the lack of characterisation was what in the end made me give up and stop reading All the characters sound roughly the same and none of the characters original voices were kept, which really bothered me Dumbledore would never swear casually But hey, if you re interested in a good story, this is the fanfic for you.
This is the fic where Harry is raised by goblins Although this has a finished date, it sI m finished with it than I finished the book I made it through 71 of 106 chapters, but it finally circled around and rejumped the shark too many times for me to ignore.
I could ignore that an 11 year old was a goblin warrior and that all his friends becameandremarkable as the story continued Bonded to Hermione at age 11 I can deal Padma and Neville also bonded a couple years later, OK Kicking goblin and wizard ass, sure.
Mrs Granger getting pregnant That s it I freaking tremble The way this book is going, the fetus will be sporting its own goblin sword before it clears the womb.
I just can t take it any.
Harry PotterRelationship Harry Potter Hermione Granger What Will Happen When A Goblin Raised Harry Arrives At Hogwarts A Harry Who Has Received Training, Already Knows The Prophecy And Has No Scar With The Backing Of The Goblin Nation And Hogwarts Herself CompletePages Calculated Based OnWords Per [robst] · Harry Crow [thelema PDF] Ebook Epub Download º Page Ô Harry Crow × It was amusing to see the book making don Quixote 2.
0 out of Dumbledore Also Bellatrix Rookwood romance Though the rest of the characters were quite monotone and unintresting Hermione glorifying athletic alpha goblin Harry Hermione turning into a goblin, and her worrying adoring parents.
Ridiculous power fantasy Harry Crow is one of, if not absolutely, my favorite serious fan fiction By serious, I mean not written for comedic purposes It s also one of the longest I ve read.
I wish the original series had gonelike this story Having Harry raised by goblins changes everything, and certainly for the better.
Robst includes so many original elements and ideas, nearly all of which add positively to the story He champions the best characters and vilifies the worst while still allowing for second chances where appropriate.
For the length of the story, I feel it had minimal errors However, I will say there is a high chance this story will ruin the original series for you, especially if you dislike character deaths cough cough Dobby cough Remus cough cough Sirius.
Harry Crow is, honestly, well worth reading, as are all of robst s stories.

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