The Annals Of Consumer Crazes, Nothing Compares To Beanie Babies With No Advertising Or Big Box Distribution, Creator Ty Warner An Eccentric College Dropout Become A Billionaire In Just Three Years And It Was All Thanks To Collectors The End Of The Craze Was Just As Swift And Extremely Devastating, With Rare Beanie Babies Deemed Worthless As Quickly As They D Once Been Deemed Priceless Bissonnette Draws On Hundreds Of Interviews Including A Visit To A Man Who Lives With His , Ty ê read ê The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: The Amazing Story of How America Lost Its Mind over a Plush Toy--and the Eccentric Genius Behind It by Zac Bissonnette é Products And An In Prison Interview With A Guy Who Killed A Coworker Over A Beanie Baby Debt For The First Book On The Most Extraordinary Craze Of The S ä The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: The Amazing Story of How America Lost Its Mind over a Plush Toy--and the Eccentric Genius Behind It ä I thoroughly enjoyed this book Zac Bissonette put in the time and research to make this a engaging and thoroughly engrossing book on the rise and fall of Ty Warner s widely successful line of Beanie Products Complete with many personal interviews of those close to Ty and those greatly affected by it Collector s, Small Specialty Owners, and, it makes very interesting and worthwhile look at those who made millions and crashed hard when it all came to a screeching halt We also to get to see the man behind the Beanies, in a biographical sketch pre Beanie and less so post Beanie The only caveat I had, was that it seems to be written especially for those in business hence Bubble , yet it is still completely accessible to the average reader If you ever had an interest i

This is an excellently researched book detailing the history of Beanie Babies, the unique events that led to the Beanie Baby craze, and the inevitable bust as beanie babies worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars became worthless in a span of a few weeks The author interviews many important players The book gives an extensive biography on Ty Warner, the man who created Beanie Babies, and details how his eccentricities and perfectionism helped launch the beanie baby craze The book talks about the brothers who first gave Ty the idea of retiring Beanie Babies, the college student who developed the first Beanie Babies website and wrote the first poems for Beanie Babies, the original collectors who spread the Beanie Baby craze by their calling all over the country even the world looking for Beanie Babies, and many other tidbits on people who collected Beanie Babies, people who lost a I love economics, and have always been fascinated by the psychology of bubbles I think also because this insanity occured during the course of my adult life, I find this bubble especially interesting I knowthan a few older women that still hold on to their Beanie Baby stash in the hopes that one day the market will returnThis book is entertaining, and a very easy read While the mechanics of the inflation and subsequent deflation of the Beanie bubble are covered in detail, in this book the bubble serves as aof a backdrop to the story of the man behind the Beanies Ty Warner.
It s the story of a neurotic and thoroughly broken human being, a man that achieved great financial success but is still, well, a mess.

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