Beautiful art and a captivating story I don t need anything else.
i didnt really read the manga i watched the animeand so far i didnt know what was going onlike in the middle of the anime show they had some spells and powers , then the guy with the non cat ears and tails fell inlove witht eh 12 year old boyand he was in his twentiesi dont know what is going onand out of no where soubi kissed the ritsuka Loveless great story but I m uncomfortable with the relationship age gap He s 11 and the other one is 20 The middle schooler is kissing him, but it not like sex, perhaps a power thing but the older one says things like now I m getting hard I really have this cringe thing going on when I got the ages I know it s a Manga, not real but well I ll move on the rest of the series before I put my judgmental Judy cap on and slam the hammer down I ve only seen glimpses and there could be a lotto it.
The art work is wonderful, the characters interesting and the mystery engaging 4 5 I think this is the first manga volume I ve ever read all the way through It s odd And a little queer, which I guess is good Unfortunately, it s also a little confusing I like the general idea, but in terms of actually getting to a story, this collection is lacking Not sure if I want to continue reading it.
Twelve year old Ritsuka s brother has died And the Ritsuka we get to meet only has memories from the past two years He has forgotten the things that come before There s a traumatic event is stopping him from remembering, but I m not sure what it is In the meantime, his mother is unforgiving Constantly asking for her Ritsuka to return.
One day at his new school, a 20 year old stranger called Soubi shows up, claiming to know Ritsuka s brother, Seimei Turns out they were a Fighter and Sacrifice unit When Seimei died, Soubi

I, uh, kinda still really love this Though its a lot darker than I remembered it.
↠´ Loveless, Volume 01 ↠´ Compared to many, I m a manga novice I didn t grow up with Disney Art classes were purgatory As a writer, I tell stories with words Telling stories with pictures never really got me But the few mangaka I ve recently been introduced to are slowly changing my mind Yun Kouga is certainly one of them mainly due to Loveless.
Some people find this story disturbing, given that the main characters are both male When I see a good love story, I tend not to worry about gender Finding love is something that s to be treasured, not thrown out because it s inconvenient or doesn t fit stereotypes That s my take, at least feel free to differ.
Loveless tackles a lot of thorny issues as part of its storyline The main pair of the story are both male One partner is an adult, the other clearly still young Other pairings are al You also never told me to not love you It s kind of weird to call this manga yaoi since there s no sex at all and the main hero is a 12 year old boy But it doesn t fit in the non yaoi category either because of the way Soubi restores his energy through a kiss But Soubi is adamant that he feels no sexual desire for Ritsuka, he says that maybe one day they will have sex but not until Ritsuka grows up Besides that, this volume is overall rather weird Yun Kouga tries to raise interest without revealing the plot and that leads to much confusion But the story is interesting and since I saw the anime, I know bits and piece about what will happen next, so I know better than to give up on it Also, Yun Kouga is quite obsessed with games, isn t she I mean, like Yu Gi Oh games Both Loveless and Gestalt use this Old Ritsuka Discovers A Posthumous Message From His Brother Seimei Indicating He Was Murdered, He Becomes Involved In A Shadowy World Of Spell Battles And Secret Names Together With The Mysterious Soubi, The Search To Find Seimei S Killer And Uncover The Truth Begins But In A World Where Mere Words Have Unbelievable Power, How Can You Find True Friendship And Happiness When Your Very Name Is Loveless Older Teen AgeFantasy [Yun Kouga] É Loveless, Volume 01 [yaoi PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö Romance

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