Is Looking For The Perfect Woman To Play The Pony In A Performance For His Friends At His Palatial Estate While Auditioning Women For A Different Play He Discovers Melissa, A Beautiful And Desperate Woman Who Is Perfect For The RoleMelissa Is A Little Wary Of Winston, But She Desperately Needs The Money, So Much So That She Is Willing To Play His Games, And Play The Role He Has In Mind For Her Taken Back To The Stables Of His Estate, Ã A Pony Play (A Dog and Pony Show Volume 1) ↠´ Download by Ê X.
Torvald She Dresses The Part Of The Pony, And Soon Finds Herself Desiring And To Be Treated As A PonyThis Erotic Story Contains Elements Of Ponyplay, And Is Intended For Mature Audiences Only This was a short quick read that I liked and wantedof Melissa is an actress going on an audition which she is late for Winston is looking for the perfect woman to play the pony in a performance for his friends at his palatial estate When he sees Melissa he knows that she is the one Melissa is not sure what to think she knows that she needs the money and she is willing to do anything she is about to lose her apartment and the money she will make can pay her rent for a year This was a pretty good quick read This was my first time reading this author this book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to readingfrom this author.

Had to remind myself this is volume 1An intense provocative quick read that ends too soon While we mostly get Melissa s arc and perspective and Penny is only referred to Winston is an intriguing and important part of the puzzle.
For those who like the quick reads that are elongated scenes as opposed to traditional short stories, I think they ll find enough here to be satisfied But I wanted to turnpages, and am curious about volume 2.
A producer has two plays to cast A normal play it is assumed and a dog and pony play Involving a dog and pony The roles will be filled by desperate women One as a dog One a as a pony It s on the dub con shelf because consent is asked for, but it s dubious consent Even as she s consenting she s thinking about how he really wouldn t do certain things And she s desperate Also, well, seems to get into it.
The story could have gone in many different directions Adding in heaps of humiliation, heaps of this, that, and the other But it went the direction I d prefer it to go With her consenting and enjoying the activity Not enjoying is boring nods Course the story ended abruptly, so I don t know if that pleasure, enjoyment, and consent would continue or if the story will twist and curve and pull me in the wrong direction As it is

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