½ The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers: Techniques and Projects î Wonderful book I m a total novice but after reading the instructions in this book I ve learned enough to have created quite a few simple pieces I feel it s given me the confidence to tackle somecomplicated pieces I refer back to it often This is definitely a very useful book for learning all about soldering.
Comprehensive Step By Step Guide That Will Take Your Craft To A New Level The Art Of Soldering Permanently Joining Metal Components With A Torch And Solder Is Seen As A Challenge By Many Crafters But This Book Makes It An Easy To Learn Technique For Creating Beautiful Jewellery Projects The Book Features Clear Instructions For Jewellers Of All Levels, From The Hobbyist To The Experienced Maker Who Is Looking To Expand Their Soldering Skills It Includes Pre And Post Soldering Techniques, Safety Procedures, Essential Á read º The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers: Techniques and Projects by Wing Mun Devenney · Equipment And Materials Required, Along With Tips And Tricks Of The Trade From Leading Jewellers Plus Fifteen Inspiring Step By Step Jewellery Projects, Including Rings, Necklaces, Chains, Earrings, Bangles, And I ve been making jewelry for about 8 years now, but my boyfriend only recently learned how to solder and still has some problems with it I got this for him, but before I gave it to him I looked through it to make sure it was well written and explained everything well.
While some of the minor details are a bit odd the author uses her working drawings and jewelry as examples sometimes, and is quick to state her methodology for developing a design as the right way the discussions on the technical aspects of soldering are well done, and the fact that she goes into topics that aren t often covered, like platinum soldering or the specific challenges of mixing metals, is very nice.
I think this would be a good read for experienced jeweler s looking to brush up on less common types of soldering, and a great primer for those ju

Although I ll never ascend to the levels of Chanel or Harry Winston in creating jewelry, after working with metals and wire for the past 10 years, I also didn t want to do just ordinary soldering and jewelry work either My goal was and still is to create beautiful jewelry that just a cut above the others and yes, this is a hobby, I m never going to be a professional.
Enter The Art of Soldering by Wing Mun DeVenny, and it s filled that hole that has been left by other beginning soldering books Separated into several sections, Wing Mun covers the basics of solder, flames and torches, and tools, but we also get detailed information on how to begin something I like to call precision soldering Not just putting joints together or slapping one piece of metal onto another, but really working to create, what my hu I purchased the book in hopes of finding a solution to help me solder better Wing sets up many different types of soldering situations to combact different soldering problems I found in her book reasons for problems in soldering a casting, compared to a sheet of metal extremely helpful She did use words tools that a novice may not understand to complete a soldering situation I find it hard sometimes when many different words are used to describe the same tool.

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