Widow turned smuggler turned proper society lady and mother That was Sabrina s life Her husband was died in a silly race and she found out she was left penniless with a daughter to raise After she left smuggling due to a govt agent getting to close she went to London and the town house Jack left her She lived quietly and kept to herself Nothing like the days her and Jack went from party to party.
Belinda had her coming out and was already to be married to Erick Sabrina knew his father was known as quite a rake but his son seemed to love her daughter Nicholas Harrington had never forgotten the smugglers that had gotten away 10 years ago He was so close to catching them He was intrigued to find a woman was in charge and when she kissed him while he was blind folded, well he never forgot that either Now he was meeting the mother Una disparatada aventura entre Londres y Egipto.
Lo bueno para m protagonistas maduros, 35 40 a os, viudos con hijos y un pasado misterioso Pero demasiados disparates y situaciones absurdas.
Solo recomendable si quieren reirse un rato de tonter as.
Tres escenas hot.
Goodness meI read the reviews hereand I read the review from Julia Quinn that was on the cover Warm, witty, and wise , but I ll be honest I thought it was Bland, boring, and silly There must not be any other women in Alexander s view of London because all the well doers I m talking like 5 of them followed this over rated lady all the way to Egypt on a wild goose chase for gold I mean come onseriously The story never really caught my attention to begin with, but the book was new and the thought of wasting the money without at least trying it didn t make senseSo needless to say as you can tell I didn t find the book in the least bit interesting and I wouldn t recommend it to my fellow goodreads friends.
It s decent.
I wouldn t go out of my way to recommend it to anyone, but I don t think romance readers would be disappointed with it.
It s a fun time killer.
º The Perfect Wife á This book was actually only the second one Victoria Alexander wrote, but you won t be able to tell by reading it Aside from a few awkward scenes the whole let s go on a treasure hunt was a little random even with Sabrina s reasoning her story flow is top level I was surprised at how well she was able to juggle several side stories and multiple characters Usually I feel like I don t get to know the characters well enough when there isthan one love story happening at the same time, but I was able to get into each story and root for the characters And I loved how they all related to one another and interacted There isn t anything I lovethan a complicated cast Although, I will say that part of me wishes I hadtime with the secondary characters I could easily s Sabrina Winfield, Marchioness of Stanford, had at one time in her life had it all, or so she had thought Married young to a very debonair, adventurous, carefree rake, or rather reformed rake, Sabrina had led a life of freedom and adventure that most women never even dreamed of It suited her stubborn, independent nature very well, at least for a time She was the last person to have thought that there was such a thing as too adventurous or too wild, but this described her deceased husband perfectly Maybe it wasMaybe irresponsible would have been aapt description She found even the infamous Lady Stanford had her limits However, as much as Sabrina had yearned to see a change in her husband and the lifestyle that they led, she never would have wished his death She was utterly in love with him when they married, as only a fir Ideal Spouse, The Earl Of Wyldewood Had Decided, Should Be Pleasant To Look At And Agreeable To Display On His Arm She Should Have Little Effect On His Well Ordered Life, And Little To Do With His Private Pursuit Of Pleasure After Meeting Sabrina Winfield, He Thought He Had Found The Woman To Fit The Bill Graceful And Genteel, The Exquisite Blonde Seemed A Perfect MatchBut Appearances, The Earl Was Soon To Discover, Could Be Deceiving For Beneath Sabrina S î read × The Perfect Wife by Victoria Alexander ☆ Delicate Beauty Lay The Most Infuriatingly Stubborn, Wildly Adventurous Woman He D Ever Known And Now His Plans For A Proper Marriage Were About To Go Dreadfully Awry For Suddenly All The Mighty Earl Could Think About Was Silencing Her Biting Repartee With His Kisses, Diverting Her Schemes With Expert Seduction, And Forever Surrendering His Heart And Soul To Her Capable Hands This was a great book I loved the story btween the hero and heroine She turned out to be just what he was looking for They had plenty of verbal battles, which I love They also had a lot of passion when they made love I have not read many Victoria Alexander books because the ones that I chose were never really that good This book was nothing like those It was fresh and cute and definitely funny Good read.
A retired female pirate, broke and in need of a quick buck, dons her former alias for one last lootin with a treasure map left by her deceased husband.
What an ideally perfect Lady of the Manor the heroine appears to be, with her questionable past and the hero doesn t realize he knows her from somewhere else.
I had a hard time with this book None of the characters were that likable and the love stories weren t very believable Nicholas and Sabrina didn t even like each other, then all of a sudden they are in Sabrina loves him I really wanted.
to like this book, but in the end it just didn t do it for me.

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