I LOVE HER books The first book was a little slow but this one who amazing I have told so many people about her books now 3 of my friends are reading them I cant wait to own the whole series Ù Through Phantom Eyes: Volume Two - Forsaken Æ AMAZING

Much, much better than the first book in this series Forsaken picks up after the death of Erik s father and relates the subsequent struggles and life changes Erik experiences in the ten years afterward Although this book also suffered from poor editing and scenes that felt too long, there were also very moving moments, well thought out scenes and accurate historical detail I particularly found the time Erik was forced to spend with the carnival as a sideshow exhibit very moving, painfully accurate It reminded me of Franz Kafka s short story, The Hunger Artist I actually think the author should have spent less pages on the first book and focusedon this work It was so muchfully developed and interesting.
Is Ten Years Old When He Wakes In The Middle Of A Tragedy That Will Forever Change His Life His Guiding Force, His Father, Is Dead, And His Shattered Heart Is Inconsolable While Struggling With His Grief Over His Loss, He Discovers The People In His Home Town Want Him Institutionalized, Creating Unbridled Fears In His Young Heart His Anger Rages Against The Men Responsible For His Father S Death, Adding A Third Dimension To His Dilemma Deciding To Safeguard His Freedom, ↠´ read Through Phantom Eyes: Volume Two - Forsaken by Theodora Bruns ↠´ He Leaves His Home And, With Brave Determination, Ventures Toward The Musical Conservatory In Venice, Italy The Goal Fashioned By His Father S Loving Guidance But Along The Way, He Meets With Unexpected Trials That Waylay His Dreams Some People He Encounters Are Cruel Beyond His Imagination, And He, On Many Occasions, Barely Escapes With His Life While Most People Are Heartless, There Are A Few Kind Souls Who Have Compassion For Poor Erik With Their Kindness, And Erik S Undaunted Courage, He Surmounts All Odds And Continues Toward His Goal Of Unadulterated Music Join Erik On This Second Leg Of His Journey Toward Becoming Known As The Phantom Of The Opera

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