Second Volume In Storm S original Wraeththu Trilogy, Expanded And Updated Swift Is A Young Harling, Growing Up Among The Varrs, One Of The Most Feared Of Wraeththu Tribes When A Face From The Past Reappears, Amid A Host Of Dire Omens, Swift Has To Face The Truth About His Own Kind, And Make Difficult Decisions About What Is Best For Their [Storm Constantine] Ð The Bewitchments of Love and Hate: The Second Book of Wraeththu [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Ebook Epub Download Í Future Although this bills itself as the second in a series, I had little trouble sliding into this particularly distinctive fantasy world And by about page 10, I was saying, I told you so For Storm, I am fairly sure, is a woman, and she has created a kingdom which is nominally monosexually androgynous I know that sounds contradictory, but it s actually fairly accurate and in fact nothingor less than a version of the earth where gays have taken over from straights including reproductive powers The hermaphroditic biology of the Wraethtu is thought out and explained in fairly complex terms The remaining fantasy elements are fairly conventional, though very competently handled this is a young boy s coming of age story he lea I struggled my way through this, although that is not a reflection of the author Storm Constantine is brilliant and talented Her language is beautiful, and she created such a unique universe that was nice to escape to While I loved the first book to this series, this one fell flat on its face for me I rounded up to 3 stars as I do dearly love this author, even if the series is no longer my cup of tea It is very rare for me to dive into a series, although this came very close to being a good series to indulge in.
Unfortunately I have commitment problems , and despite my eagerness to change that, I don t see this change happening anytime soon Now, I really loved all of the main characters and delighted in their antics My bone to pick I have to be honest Halfway through this novel, I was snoozing, HARD Way too much agonizing focus on sex aruna Serio Another 4.
5 bumped to a 5 because it made me forget the little things I had less than amazing thoughts on.
It s another re read, too Now s time for the third, which I haven t read Which I couldn t read last time and nowIt s all Swift s fault Okay, it s not all Swift s fault, but that last page of him talking directly to Cal in the narrative Ooomph Tears my heart out, it does For Cal, that is.
Dude I m not sure I can read the third one yet I don t think my heart s ready Which of course means there s a good chance I ll go grab it as soon as this review s done Because that s just how I roll But You know I forgot something I meant to put in my review of the first book And that s how the Wraeththu kinda remind of the Rats of NIMH now and then, es I think I like this book eventhan the previous one it s darker and packed with steamy passion Constantine s knack for character development really shines through with her story of Swift which follows his progression from innocent harling to mature har as he experiences the world outside of his haven We Dwell in Forever.
5 STARSGood story but I m reserving my judgement for now unfortunately Being book two in a trilogy either kills it or makes it and I m quite disappointed at the risk or risky choice of direction this particular book took, but I m hoping it just wasn t re edited like book one was and I know that s a strange thing to say.
Unless the final novel of the series ties all together I ll be really disappointed.
Major headache over this, which might explain the jolting and constant jarring of POV between characters which seem to happen but shouldn t as this book is supposedly Cal s story to tell So was that just me I kept having to go back to see whom was saying what BUT I am tired today so I m being very picky and bitchy as I really felt let down.
ä The Bewitchments of Love and Hate: The Second Book of Wraeththu Á The second book in the Wraerththu series This is Swift s story, a harling come of age story.
This might be my favorite out of the 3 first Wraeththu books.
The story is written from Swift s innocent point of view and it is too adorable You get to know the old characters better and knowing the new ones is fascinating.
Rating 3 of fiveWraeththu burst onto the barren LGBT science fiction scene in the late 1980s with a blaze of attention It was unique Hermaphroditic men who fucked each other and made babies somehow, I never really got with that part of the program They look like human men because they were human men until It Happened.
And now that we re past the initial shock of how the Wraeththu change human men into themselves, the story moves ahead to some very political territory that I liked.
This one took me k longer to read than the previous one It follows a character that has a short appearance in book one a hermaphrodite born of other hermaphrodites, son of a leader of a tribe There s emphasis on development of relationship and characters who are often complex, ambiguous.

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