When I first looked at the cover I almost put this book back Then I saw the MOPS logo on top and checked it out It s the story of a little girl who is mad because her jump rope is missing She learns a lesson on being kind, not to assume, and how to ask for forgiveness This is a great book to read to your younger kids that will allow for good comments or conversation in the end about how a variety of topics such as why it s a good idea to keep your room clean, why you should talk nicely to others, and why it s important to say you are sorry.
Mad Maddie Maxwell ¶ Good book for children and especially for those dealing with anger issues My granddaughter liked the book.
I bought this when it really on sale for Kindle there were some pretty negative reviews about the end of the book where she just stops and asks forgiveness and isn t chastised or punished just told to pray however I think it was done pretty well it us not an introduction to faith but it is a good lesson in active faith and behavior I think it is a pretty you d early reader who me not me then who LOLscheduled I loved this book Maddie reminds me of my daughter This book is christian based and is humorous all the way through Any person of any age will enjoy this book.
Stormed Out Of Her Room Her Jump Rope Was Missing She Yelled At Her Brother And Sisters, You Took It What Really Happened To The Jump Rope Who Will Have To Say Sorry And Who Will Have To Forgive This Is A Level One I Can read Book, Which Means It S Perfect For Children Learning To Sound Out Words And Sentences It Aligns With Guided Reading Level J And Will Be Of Interest To Children Pre K To Rd [ Pdf Mad Maddie Maxwell ì amazon PDF ] by Stacie K.
Maslyn Û Grade

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