I ve never read this author before, but heard many great things After reading Out to Lunch in two days, I agree with everything I heard This book had it all humor, heartache, romance, friendship, dogs, even recipes Perhaps it was because I m still grieving the death of my own best friend, but there were so many lines in this book that had me choking back my tears and nodding in agreement I especially loved the conversations between Jenna and Aimee I hear my BFF s voice in my head all of the time, too I suspected how the love story would turn out but I thought it was incredibly sweet a great slow burn Jenna was a character to root for she was far from perfect, but she had a big heart Finally, I loved all of the comic com references to Buffy, Firefly, the Avengers etc I will absolutely re I absolutely love this book It is beautifully written, witty and smartly funny At its core this is a story of loss and how loss affects the relationships we have with ourselves, our friends, our enemies Even though Aimee has died, she is still a central character to this novel and I love how Ballis made Aimee s personality shine through This book was very raw, realistic and heartwarming Bonus It has a ton of yummy recipes at the end If you re a foodie, definitely give this one a read.
Touching And Hilarious Novel From The Fabulous Stacey Ballis About Best Friends, True Love, And The Joy Of Food For Fans Of Jen Lancaster, Jennifer Weiner, And Emily Giffin Jenna Has Lost Her Best Friend With Aimee Gone So Tragically Young, Jenna Barely Knows Where To Turn Aimee Was The One Who Always Knew What To Do Not To Mention What To Wear The Two Built A Catering Company Together And Had So Much In Common Well, Except Their Taste In Men Jenna Never î Out to Lunch Ï Download by À Stacey Ballis Understood What The Successful, Sophisticated Aimee Saw In Wayne, With His Star Wars Obsession And Harebrained Business SchemesAnd Gained Her Best Friend S Husband But Aimee Has Left A Shocking Last Request Jenna Now Has Financial Custody Of The Not So Merry Widower True, Wayne Needs Someone Sensible Around To Keep Him Under Control, But What Was Her Dear Departed Friend Thinking The Thing Is, As She Gets To Know Wayne Better, His Latest Moneymaking Idea Actually Starts To Intrigue Her Her Attractive New Lawyer Boyfriend Doesn T Approve Of It But Then, Wayne Doesn T Approve Of Her Attractive New Lawyer Boyfriend Now Jenna Has To Figure Out What Direction Her Life Is Going To Take Next And She Can T Help Asking HerselfWhat Would Aimee Do After losing her best friend Aimee to cancer, Jenna discovers that she has appointed her financial custody of Aimee s husband Wayne In Jenna s opinion, Aimee could have done much better than Wayne with his geeky Star Wars obsession, his clumsiness, and his tactlessness.
I enjoyed this book very much At first I did not like Jenna, the protagonist I didn t like how close minded she was toward Wayne I felt if she loved Aimee and was so close to her, she would have tried to beaccepting toward Wayne to honor Aimee.
I LOVED how the author kept Aimee s memory alive through out the book This book made me laugh and cry I will be readingbooks by this author.
death, grief, new friendship, self discovery, foodies, cooking, dogs, recipes included in back of This book is so terrible I cannot even give it one star and I finally gave up reading it 3 4 of the way through because I was just done The main character is horrifically judgy, unlikeable, snotty, and just plain awful I should have known at the beginning when she says she s too old to get bisexuality and they should just pick a side Are you fucking kidding me She considered her best friend her soul sister but couldn t be bothered to get to know her husband because she considered him so beneath her despite the fact that her friend was so in love with him and they were incredibly happy Shes owned a dog for years but she doesn t know chocolate is poisonous to them and in a terrible part she absolutely loses it on her When Jen Lancaster talks about authors she likes I take note and she always raves about Stacey Ballis I ve had this book for a while and finally picked it up A fun read that most of us can all relate to losing a friend and finding out way without them Looking forward to the others by this author I have at home in my bookcase just waiting to be read.
ð Out to Lunch Ì Stacey Ballis won my heart in her last book, Off the Menu It was one of those books that I got through in one day simply because I refused to put it down I love books that have anything to do with food and I love the author s vivid descriptions of the food she writes about This story was a littleheart wrenching than her last as it follows Jenna who has just lost her best friend, Aimee Aimee suffered from a liver disease and gave up her fight In her passing she left Jenna with a rather odd task being financially responsible of her less than merry widower, Wayne Jenna thinks this is strange, but as much as she loved Aimee she is willing to take on the task She sees quickly how much Aimee really knew what Joining a Goodreads chicklit group gave me the kick in the pants I needed to pick this book up Normally, I don t pay that much for a book, but in this case, you definitely get what you pay for Funny, sad, honest, thought provoking, and delicious, I truly loved this book When her best friend and business partner dies, Jenna discovers that Aimee left some rather unique instructions in her will regarding the financial care of her husband, Wayne Jenna now has custody of him There s just one small problem Jenna can t STAND the man She never understood what her best friend saw in this geeky, klutzy, picky eater As Jenna does her best to honor her friend s wishes, she receives guidance from Aimee, who speaks in her head with her usual snarky and sassy commentary Every mishap and disaster Wayne creates pushes Jenna one step closer to insanity Of course, she s got her employees

5 stars I wanted to love this book The characters wanted me to love this book The plot wanted me to love this book Everyone wanted me to love this book except for the person who edited it and thought it was okay to leave five million uses of the phrase You betcha and a quarter million uses of the phrase That s the truth, Ruth spoiler there is no one in the book named Ruth this is just a stupid cutesy rhyme that one of the characters uses This editor also thought that it didn t matter during longer passages of dialogue to make sure it was clear who was speaking, and also that the dialogue should be as awkward and stilted as possible and employ next to no contractions I hate that In addition to this poor editing job, I felt distracted by the overabundant descriptions of food Yeah, I get that they are this author s thing and that s cool, but it s a bit over

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