M An Outcast And A Loner, Named For Death Itself Fate Wasn T Supposed To Have Plans For MeBut Then She Came Back The Girl I Once Kissed In A Thorn Covered Chapel In The Woods She Came Back, And I Could No Resist Her Than I Could Pry Out My Own Heart And By Some Trick Of Fate, She Wants Me As Much As I Want Her The Only [Sierra Simone] ☆ Feast of Sparks (Thornchapel, #2) [near-future PDF] read Online ¸ Problem She Also Wants The Man Who Owns Thornchapel, Auden GuestAnd So Do IEight Years Ago, I Did Something To Auden, Something Terrible He Hurt Me Back The Only Way He Knew How, And So Here We Are Our Hatred Seasoned With Pain And My Loneliness Seasoned With Longing The Only Thing We Can Agree On Is Proserpina Markham, And She Wants Us To Find A Way To Be Together All Three Of Us If Auden Wants To Earn Her As His Submissive, Then He Has To Earn Me As WellBut With The Discovery Of Bones Behind The Altar And The Carnal Revel Of Beltane Fast Approaching, It S Becoming Clear That Thornchapel S Secrets Are Much Deeper And Older Than Any Of Us Could Have Ever Guessed And No Matter How Bright And Merry A Feast Of Sparks May Be, It S Always Followed By Ashes And Darkness Feast Of Sparks Is Book Two In The Thornchapel Series 1.
5 stars even though that.
5 feels generous given how much I loathe the ending oh man, this was so bad SCREAMS OVER THE LAST 10% FOREVER I have NO IDEA how to rate this but I am pretty sure I hated it rjendueijEHWIDNFJOFN Insert tyra WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU gif bc I am TIRED That ending was awful AWFUL Buddy read with since y all apparently lack basic reading comprehension i literally stated that i hated the ending and my high rating is for the first 80% the people subtweeting me and saying i apparently support incest need to grow the fuck up and stop acting like children thanks review can also be found on my blog Thank you to the author for kindly providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewIn a similar fashion to Simone s New Camelot trilogy, the sequel to an already wild, unconventional novel pushes the boundaries even further From the perspective of someone who unconditionally loves these characters, I could appreciate the lengths she went to However, if you have no fond attachment or complete comprehension of their dynamics, you might Thanks, I hate it.
5 Bride of Thorns Stars Feast of Sparks picks up immediately from where A Lesson in Thorns dramatically ended With a discovery that left Poe devastated and an explosion of emotions between herself and her eventual lovers St Sebastian and Auden this book was breathtaking from the first page If I could rearrange the world for you, I would, he says I d rearrange everything This is a complicated love story about three people that need each otherthen their next breath, but there are so many hurts from past and present keeping them apartPoe is our dreamer girl that uses her need for pain and submission as avoidance to her brokenness St Sebastian who has loved them both from the very beginning He uses his anger to mask his loneliness and submissiveness Auden the rightful king hides behind his arrogance and resentment to deny the rejection that remains from th ¶ Feast of Sparks (Thornchapel, #2) ê Right well there s a lot to say here isn t there Can I start with my biggest irk when it comes to this book though, and it s actually the reviews of it Usually I couldn t give two shakes of a donkey s tale why someone dislikes or likes a book, it s all your opinion, but I have to address the multitude of reviewers criticising Poe for her actions in the aftermath of her grief Only because what you write in a review will be read by people who have grieved and lost and these kind of judgements upon how people cope with their own grief are just not OK If someone craves companionship or just straight up wants to be a bit selfish after losing someone and yes even immediately after let them Grief is one of the most awful feelings to experience and people deal with it differently Yes this is fiction but reade 4 STARS This series is my new addiction, both books were so brilliant The concept is refreshing and intrigued I fall in love with the story and the characters This book picks up right where the last book left off, and I was hooked You and Poe are like air and water, and he s earth He s fire This was so hot,sensual and intense The relationship between St Sebastian, Proserpina Poe and Auden is something else I could feel their connection I m not going to spoil anything but if you are looking for a hot and original story check this series 1 A Lesson in ThornsI am the girl who kneels at night I am the bride of thornsAlright, first off, I still completely recommend A Lesson in Thorns, and it is still one of my favorite romances of the year I just believe with my whole heart that you should pretend it is a standalone, because Feast of Sparks was a complete mess From unprotected sex, with multiple partners back to back, to questionable flashbacks to boys who are only sixteen, to Dom sub relationships that felt a lot like abuse, to even incest, this book was a joke Also, if you couldn t tell, this is probably going to be a rant review, so if you don t want me trashing a book you love, you probably shouldn t read any further AND I am probably going to lace MINOR SPOILERS for books one and two throughout this review, so please use caution while reading

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