I suspect this isn t the most frequent word people use for Scott McCloud s work, but I keep coming back to thinking of Zot as charming I was absolutely and undeniably charmed by the wistful, worldly Jenny and her friends on our Earth, and by her cheerful, clueless superhero boyfriend Zot Zachary T Paleozogt and his Earth.
McCloud s clean black and white drawings, openly influenced by manga style before that sort of thing became ubiquitous , seamlessly evoke the shining towers and soaring skyways of Zot s far flung alternate future 1965, abenign version of William Gibson s Gernsback Continuum Gibson himself is quoted calling Zot The classic retrofit of the postwar comic gestalt Zot s world bearsthan a little resemblance to the land of Faerie, streamlined and chromed formoderne eyes But McCloud doesn t ignore the grit and grief of our own urban Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter.
com I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally Long before Scott McCloud became the guru of comics deconstruction with his wildly popular trilogy of nonfiction titles on the subject 1993 s Understanding Comics, 2000 s Reinventing Comics and 2006 s Making Comics , he was the author of the late 80s underground hit Zot , an important transitional title between the daring but filthy work that mostly marked this industry in the 70s and the mainstreaming of indie comics in the 90s, but a title that had fallen into almost complete obscurity by our own times so it s nice to see the almost complete run of the comic minus i Comics Pioneer Scott McCloud, The Complete Black And White Collection Of Zot , Featuring Never Before Seen Artwork And Extensive Commentary By The AuthorLong Before Manga Took The American Comics Market By Storm, Scott McCloud Understanding Comics, Making Comics Combined The Best Ideas From Manga, Alternative Comics, And Superheroes Into Zot A Frenetic And Innovative Exploration Of Comics Potential That Helped Set The Stage For McCloud S Later Groundbreaking Theoretical WorkZachary T Paleozogt Lives In The Far Flung Future Of , A Utopian ☆ Zot!: The Complete Black-and-White Collection: 1987-1991 ì Download by è Scott McCloud Earth Of World Peace, Robot Butlers, And Flying Cars Jenny Weaver Lives In An Imperfect World Of Disappointment And Broken Promises The Earth We Live In Stepping Across The Portals To Each Other S Worlds, Zot And Jenny S Lives Will Never Be The Same AgainNow, For The First Time Since Its original Publication Than Twenty Years Ago, Every One Of McCloud S Pages From The Black And White Series Has Been Collected In This Must Have Commemorative Edition For Aficionados To Treasure And New Fans To Discover Zot es un ser de una dimensi n paralela, un mundo como este pero sin todo lo malo supongamos Resulta en un personaje inocente, carente de siquiera el concepto de la maldad.
S hay villanos trillados, fant sticos malvados con super tecnolog a que presentan un desaf o desde rid culo a capaz de terminar el universo.
Lo mejor est al final, en Earth stories, cuando queda varado en este mundo Toda la parafernalia super heroica queda de lado para focalizar en la sociedad, otorgando la madurez que escasea en las primeras aventuras.
Impresionante la evoluci n tanto del dibujo como de la propuesta narrativa, de la cual el autor hizo carrera con aportes fundamentales al c mic en todo sentido Un librazo imperfecto y necesario.
I was ready to give this book a bad review, reviling Scott McCloud for ever doing anything but smart analyses of the comics medium like in Understanding Comics.
Then, I got to the last third of this graphic novel The first two thirds of Zot consist of McCloud finding himself as a writer and unfortunately that means many of the stories are nonsensical villains of the week combined with overwrought humor Zot himself is pretty boring and the characters around him are meaningless Then, two thirds of the way through its run, its like Scott McCloud realized that Zot as a character is dull and needed to focuson human drama At this point, Earth Stories as they re called, this comic takes a Strangers in Paradise esque turn The stories focus on love, slices of life, and ancillary characters to great success The Just got it, by the author of Understanding Comics Wow, that s a lot of comics for 20 bucks Black and white though.
All done It was uneven in the beginning, but I felt my interest escalate as everything improved working my way to the end The director s commentary every few chapters helped me appreciate it I wasn t a big fan of the cheesy supervillians except for Dekker, who sees the world in what looks like modern art Manga influenced, but the author doesn t go overboard on silent panels sooo overused these days , plus he brings in a lot of other techniques from manga as well He s also not afraid of words and small panels Maybe he should sell the earth stories seperately That s the last 3rd where the stories areabout everyday life I like this technique where he occasionally shifts from a cartoonish face t Ö Zot!: The Complete Black-and-White Collection: 1987-1991 ☆ It s like reading stories you wrote in high school, slightly uncomfortable, juvenilia for sure, but every so often shot through with moments of beauty that show you knewthan you thought you did, even though you thought you knew everything and really knew nothing at all.

I bought this 550 page graphic novel used from my fav comic shop Maybe the best five bucks I ever spent Zot is a treasure A deconstruction of the superhero genre that is as hopeful as Watchmen is bleak The commentary from Scott McCloud after each issue is always humble and thoughtful and sometimes emotional It adds a ton to this collection If you like comics at all, definitely check out Zot.
BeforeUnderstanding Comics , writer artist Scott McCloud created the adventures of Zachary T Paleozogr aka Zot , a teenager from an alternate Utopian Earth in the far flung future of 1965 Zot discovers a portal to our consensus 1980s reality and explores our not so perfect existence He befriends the teen Jenny Weaver and their adventures in both universes serve as the centerpiece for these delightful stories Initially, the tales primarily revolve around Zot, who is a super hero in his native land, and the colorful villains he encounters About two thirds of the way through this massive 575 page collection, the story focus changes dramatically as Zot gets trapped on our Earth and the stories begin to center around Zot and Jenny s friends Basically, the ser The modern Superman comes in for quite a bit of criticism for being a bit of a metrosexual wimp, but the Superman of the 1950s was as much a product of his time, with his gratingly patriarchal attitude.
Zot, on the other hand, is like a Superman out of time, free of the need to appear in twenty comic books a month or to maintain a status quo He s happy, comfortable with his powers, accepting of the things he can t change, determined to change the things he can He has no hang ups, but is understanding of the hang ups of others.
This superb and substantial book contains nearly all of his adventures in black and white leaving out backup strips and a couple of issues drawn by Chuck Austen though Scott McCloud s layouts are included The stories are light hearted, funny and exciting, with a bit of soap opera to keep you going from issue to

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