One Said Being A Medium Would Be EasyRain Christiansen, Former FBI Agent And Current Cold Case Detective, Is Starting To Think It S The Hardest Job He S Ever Had And The Most Important He S Determined To Accept All The Changes In His Formerly Well Ordered Life, But That Means Embracing A Whole Lot Of Weird There S No Instruction Manual For Meshing His Work With His Medium Duties, And He S [S.
Harmon] ☆ Principles of Spookology (The Spectral Files, #2) [asmara PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Painfully Aware That He S Flubbing The Job So Are The Ghosts, Who Are Becoming Increasingly Impatient And StrongerTo Complicate Matters, He S Not Sure What These Spooktacular Developments Mean For His Relationship It Certainly Seems Like Daniel McKenna, His Partner In Work And Life, Is In It For The Long Haul But Rain Can T Help But Wonder How Long That Patience Will Lastand What He Ll Do If Danny Decides The Intrusive Ghosts Are Just Too MuchRain Thought Accepting His Supernatural Gifts Would Be The Solution To His Troubles But He S Starting To Realize His Problems Are Just Getting Started 4.
5 starsThis ended up being so much better than I thought it would be while going through the first half of the book Mainly because I found the ghosts extremely annoying, I hated that Rain had no control over them, and on top of that the case seemed to be going nowhere I m glad I pushed through because I absolutely loved the last third of the book or so I really liked how Rain decided to deal with the ghost situation The case they were working on turned out to becomplex than it seemed at first I actually liked the mystery in this bookthan in the first I think the author did a really good job at keeping us in the dark for a long time, as frustrating as it was at times My favourite part of the story were Rain and Danny They have an amazing relationship and I loved seeing them grow as a couple Loved the humor, the banter and the chemistry between them, as well as some really swe Full marks for the spectacular banter.
E Harmon has a talent for sarcastic, self deprecating humour It s one reason why I love this series.
Another reason is Rain Uptight and very, very square and very FBI on the one hand, he can t deny his hippie heritage and his knack for connecting with ghosts Something that makes his life a bit miserable, particularly when they turn up at the most inappropriate like intimate times And when they keep haunting him or trying to kill him But also something that makes him special and different, and gives him a purpose beyond being an agent.
Tbh I did feel sorry or Rain I was glad that, by the end of the book, he is starting to learn to deal better with the constant stream of spirits bothering him.
At times it annoyed me how they interfer with his life Danny is a total saint for putting up with it that admirabl 4.
5 StarsLoved it.
Even though I read the first book a while ago, I knew from the first page that I would love this one evenS.
E Harmon nailed the snark and sarcastic humor It was so spontaneous and fit Rain and Daniel so well There were moments that I couldn t help it snorts, chuckles, laugh out loud this was so much fun to read I liked that all the characters had backbone, were sharp and well written The only thing I had a problem with was that it only had single POV, Rain s I would have given my pinkie to know what Daniel thought and how he saw Rain before and now The case of a single missing person appeared to be simple on the surface but snowballed into such a suspenseful convoluted cold case mystery I loved all the twists and turns, all the dead ends and all the ghosts that lead Rain to discoveries The ghosts themselves as m 4.
5 stars Harmon does good banter.
Principles of Spookology (The Spectral Files, #2) ✓ 4.
5 starsI loved this Rain was his awesome snarky self and Danny was wonderfully growly and possessive.
I loved the first book, but wasn t too happy with the romance in that I m never a fan of a second chance romance because there are often lots of hurt feelings and anger on both sides involved But I still really loved Rain and this whole ghost business was the bomb And that s why I was so excited when I saw that there was going to be a sequel Since Rain and Danny were pretty solid at the end of the first book, I figured this book would be even better And it was.
I m a pretty fast reader and sometimes that bums be out So I decided to take it slow with this book so I could savor itand it worked I spent several days reading this book and every time I put it down I got all excited when thinking of continuing I love it when I m that invested in a book and its characters.
There were lot Loved this book 2 followed on beautifully from book 1 and the sass, snark and clever writing made for another brilliant installment for Rain 4.
5Yes More Rain Danny delicious banterWhen I read the first book, P.
S I Spook You I pretty much fell in love with this Author so this was just such a pleasant surpriseMy boys Danny and Rain.
I couldn t love them .
This was the perfect mix of ghostly goings on,mystery,and relationship.
It would have been so easy for the Author to add angst,relationship drama here for the two men many would have I imagine , but she didn t.
What you get is two men who are pretty much perfect together and definitely perfect to read about.
They re sassy,snarky,passionate.
and hello,I d forgotten how well she can write sex scenes.
No unnecessary drawn out foreplay or pages and pages of descriptive scenes.
She manages to show desperation with emotion and chemistry that is off the charts.
Add into the mix a ghost sto 4.
5 We may strangle each other to death, but then we want to be buried next to one another.
It may seem sometimes that way but Rain is delusional if he really believes it It s banter he and Danny likes to dish out and it s definitely something else both guys like to do to each other than strangulation but yes, the 2nd part of that comment hits it right These guys embrace their second chance romance fully including some wariness, snarky affection, dry protectiveness and silly shower sex We may not be on the same page, but dammit, we were always reading the same book So wrong again They might even turn the page at the same time but don t like to talk about it, afraid to be too fast, too demanding but as a reader you know You don t have to be told Everything they do and don t shows this time it s for real.
I m not good with praise in my reviews, so let s just say I enjo

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