K Pottekkad is the most prominent personality in travel literature in Malayalam and one of the best, if not the best, in India Balidweep is the travel narration of the journey he made to Bali in 1950 s Bali has a culture which is quite similar to the one we have in Kerala The author narrated in such a wonderful manner, with minute details, do that the readers feel they themselves made the journey.
K Pottekkatt Writes About His Trip To The Island Of Bali Trailer ¾ Balidweep PDF by ¾ S.
Pottekkatt SK .
ä Balidweep ã its a good book A must read book for those who travelogue my first travelogue experience

Its this one I ve read the most I was actually travelling with S.
K Pottekat Landing at Kilimanook, meeting Mr Tamba of Penarengen , The joge dance.
I actually saw all those The visit to chekorde s home was the most memorable one Sreeyathoon s dance, and their trip to watch the village festival at night.
, that rainy night, Pardon, am switching to malayalam, I can t express fully in English at this moment.
Padavarambathukoode avar nadannu poyathe, mazha peythappo pazhaya driverde veetil keriyathePinne chitrakaaran lemeyurinte vallikudilil poyathe.
Prasantha sndaramaay sthalam, aa kadaltheeram.
Njaan ethra vattam Balidweep vayichu ennenikke nischyamilla Pooputhan veethiyilude nadakumbol veeramrithyu varichavarude smaranakal irambiyethum.
Well, that was the Bali in the 1950 s, the story of p A Must read for anyone who loves reading travelogues

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