I liked this book However, I was wishing for a slightly different resolution I thought the heroine deserved someone better than the hero even though he had reformed from his previous neglectful ways.
I liked the interaction with actual historical personages, and I enjoyed the attention to detail Setting the book after the war allows the author to show how the war has affected ordinary people and how the colonists treated Tories after the war It also allowed her to give a glimpse of the treatment of enslaved peoples and the indignities they suffered.
The characters are believable, and the historical details add to the story.
I really enjoyed this story Lark is one of my favorite heroines of the year so far, and I love how her standing up for herself was so authentically portrayed Her brother s support was so wonderfulhey, I d like a brother like that I loved also how she found friendship with Sena and a shelter with Sena s wonderful family I m left wantingof these same characterswanting to know the story of so manyof them And that s a great thing The historical aspect is excellent One of the things I love best about Roseanna White s books is how entirely I can get lost in the era she uses for a setting There aren t stray anachronistic phrases or actions to drive me nuts and bring me out of the atmosphere.
Easily five stars Has Been Declared, But War Still Rages In The Heart Of Lark Benton Never Did Lark Think She D Want To Escape Emerson Fielding, The Man She S Loved All Her Life, But Then He Betrays Her With Her Cousin She Flees To Annapolis, Maryland, The Country S Capital, And Throws Herself Into A New Circle Of Friends Who Force Her To Examine All She Believes Emerson Follows, Determined To Reclaim [Roseanna M.
White] ☆ Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland [social-work PDF] read Online Ä His Bride Surprised When She Refuses To Return With Him, He Realizes That In This New Country He Has Come To Call His Own, Duty Is No Longer Enough He Must Learn To Open His Heart And Soul To Something Greater Before He Loses All He Should Have Been Fighting To Hold Republished InAs THE HEART S REVOLUTION First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.
I ve read a few books in the Love Finds You series, and I ll admit I wasn t crazy about them They seemed too thin, shallow Nothing but silly romances But Roseanna White s Love Finds You sure didn t follow that trend After finishing Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland, I m convinced that she is incapable of writing a flat, lifeless novel even if she tried Characters have amazing depth and personality Lessons are learned The writing is bold and vivid Scenery springs off the pages In short, it is everything I expected from Roseanna and so muchAfter I got into the book a few chapters, I began to wonder how Roseanna could ever make Emerson redeemable His treatment of Lark was awful But, to my surprise and delight, Roseanna did just that By the end ✓ Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland ✓ A Heart s Revolution 4 1 2 stars This is the second time I have read this book and it is still a wonderful story Full of history, self discovery and romance Lark and Emerson have been engaged for two years and finally have set a wedding date, but Lark is tired of being ignored Then she catches Emerson in a compromising position and leaves for Annapolis to break the engagement Loved the secondary characters too I would love for there to be a sequel I received a copy from the author to review and all opinions are my own.
From heartbreak to healing, a story that reminds us that being honest with ourselves as well as those around us is always the best policy Right from the start, I felt involved in the story and in the lives of the characters I was emotionally invested in the lives of the characters and eager to find out what would happen next.
This story begins in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia where we are first introduced to our heroine, Lark Benton Lark is the youngest daughter of prosperous planters and engaged for the past two years to her brother s friend and family neighbor Emmerson Fielding Lark has been in love with Emmerson since they were children, but Emmerson seems to be in no hurry to get married and worse yet, it seems he could care less if the marriage eve PATRIOTISM, HISTORY ROMANCE Oh my word I LOVED this book I started it yesterday afternoon and read until midnight, forcing myself to sleep a few hours before waking to finish it.
Endover Plantation, outside Williamsburg, VA 1783 following the Revolutionary War Larksong Benton is celebrating another birthday, yet still unwed to Emerson Fielding after a proposal two years ago at her eighteenth birthday He has remained distant, aloof and uninterested other than the customary gentleman is required to be.
Wiley Benton intends to see his sister happy and has warned his good friend he needs to change his attitude or call off the match.
A devious cousin, Penelope, shows up and immediately begins a flirtation with Emerson that causes evenconfusion and doubt concerning the betrothed couple.
When Wiley decides to send his sweet sister into hiding Lark Benton had always loved Emerson Fielding but she was beginning to wonder why he ever asked her to marry him two long years ago Since then it seemed as if he almost didn t know she existed except for those rare family occasions when they must see each other Nevertheless, Lark behaved as she believed Emerson expected of her, all the while wishing he really knew the real Lark An inappropriate flirtation is the last straw and with the help of her brother Wiley, Lark disappeared to the home of a dear friend of Wiley s in Annapolis, intending to spend the winter and hopefully miss her own wedding.
It was much too easy to get lost in the pages of A Heart s Revolution I loved the characters, especially Lark and Emerson and enjoyed seeing how when they finally discovered themselves, they were able to find true love Other characters played signific

I really fell in love with this one I had downloaded the sample and thought I d give it a try, after reading the first two chapters I had to buy it to find out what would happen next I was not disappointed, the story was well written, had lovely characters and a nice mix of history with romance Our heroine Lark was everything you d want in a leading lady She was charming, adventurous, witty, stubborn and kind She was also humble and full of self doubt, mainly because of the neglect from her fianc , Emerson You of course start of not caring for Emerson and I wondered how he was ever going to redeem himself All I can say is, when he sets his mind to something he will accomplish it By the end I was really rooting for him I was so glad that Lark really came into her own she was able to figure out who she was and was not willing I normally can t abide cheating heroes however this book has been one long and satisfying grovel that by the end not only do I forgive the hero I am cheering for his HEA with the heroine.
I am quite desperate for Wiley s story with Kate hopefully Please Miss White make it happen.

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