Although this is technically a cookbook, I read it cover to cover I have recently become interested in my father s family history and the area of the country he comes from, Jackson County, Kentucky and also in finding cookbooks with heirloom recipes This book was perfect Ronni Lundy writes very well and describes the food traditions and the culture that created and follows those traditions beautifully I learned so much about ongoing farms and efforts to regain the food culture that has been changed so drastically by mining and the loss of farms Oh, and the recipes are fantastic The ones I have tried have been delicious Some of them just like my grandmother made and others with a new twist.
If you grew up in Appalachia, these are your recipes This is what your grandma fed you, what the little ladies at church brought to the house when someone died This is comfort and home And beans lots and lots of beans And biscuits And cornbread.
Victuals by Ronni Lundy is less of a cookbook andof a beautifully photographed history of Appalachian food culture Although the book contains eighty recipes, I loved reading the introspective essays.
The book is sectioned into Roots and Seeds, Salt of the Earth, Corn, Beans, Apple achia, Preserving , Husbandry and Appalachian Spring Although each section give interesting background and history, my favorite section had to be Preserving How could I not love this section with the inclusion of Kentucky Kimchi page 224 and Pickled Baloney with Peppers page 228.
Along with heritage and heirloom recipes are cutting edge techniques from chefs like Karl Worley owner of Nashville s Biscuit Love , Ian Boden from The Shack , Chef Shelly Cooper, William Dissen of The Market Place in Asheville , Chef Travis Milton, et al.

Oh man So much home in this book Beautiful photography Some of the recipes seemelevated than traditional Appalachian food, but the history and stories weaving this book together make thisthan a cookbook I bought a copy for my home and my mom I loved it that much The title of this book should be pronounced vittles, and this book is a very fascinating effort at someone to attempt to signal that the writer belongs to a given community while also seeking to subvert that community s food traditions by making a book that is designed to appeal to contemporary hipster tastes in food This can be seen, for example, in the way that the author substitutes kale for the turnip greens of Appalachian cooking That is not to say that this is a bad book, although there are not very many recipes that I would be able to eat because of the massive amount of pork that is to be found in Appalachian cooking, whether we are talking about lard, bacon, or things While a great deal of insight can be gained into this sort of cuisine by making substitutions for turkey bacon or vegetable shortening to provide the same sort of fl This wasn t exactly the cookbook I was expecting There was a lot of text I mean, A LOT of text A few recipes A few pictures But the few recipes the book did have, felt just like home to me There s a nice recipe for succotash, lots of recipes calling for bacon grease, salt pork, greens, molasses, and buttermilk It s like my mom wrote this cookbook Some of the recipes that stood out for me are the English Pea Salad with Cream Dressing Smoked Oyster Stew for Two Fried Apples and the Spring Ham, Peas New Potatoes complete with pearl onions.
¾ Victuals: An Appalachian Journey by Ronni Lundy ñ Today I am reviewing Victuals by Ronni Lundy There are 80 recipes in here each focused around 1 southern food item I just love the pictures in this book and think that the book is suitable to be left on the coffee table for everyone to thumb through and enjoy instead of being stuffed away in a kitchen cabinet with the other cookbooks From what I gather, southern cuisine is becoming something of a hot new trend lately, but for me this book reminds me of recipes from my grandparents and their generation It calls back a simpler time of front porch sitting and shelling beans with my grandmother Even if I never cook 1 recipe in this book, this will be one of my favorite cookbooks for years to come This was sent to me by Blogging for books in exchange for a review.
Victuals Is An Exploration Of The Foodways, People, And Places Of Appalachia Written By Ronni Lundy, Regarded As The Most Engaging Authority On The Region, The Book Guides Us Through The Surprisingly Diverse History And Vibrant Present Of Food In The Mountain South Victuals Explores The Diverse And Complex Food Scene Of The Mountain South Through Recipes, Stories, Traditions, And Innovations Each Chapter Explores A Specific Defining Food Or Tradition Of The Region Such As Salt, Beans, Corn And Corn Liquor The Essays Introduce Readers To Their [ Pdf Victuals: An Appalachian Journey by Ronni Lundy í informatics PDF ] by Ronni Lundy Ê Rich Histories And The Farmers, Curers, Hunters, And Chefs Who Define The Region S Contemporary Landscape Sitting At A Diverse Intersection Of Cuisines, Appalachia Offers A Wide Range Of Ingredients And Products That Can Be Transformed Using Traditional Methods And Contemporary Applications ThroughRecipes And Stories Gathered On Her Travels In The Region, Lundy Shares Dishes That Distill The Story And Flavors Of The Mountain South This is an absolutely beautiful book The pictures and stories draw you in and show you the stories about the people of the Appalachian Mountains It gives you a feel about a group of people who work the land and their connection between earth to the table to the people sharing a meal around that table The author drove around and learned the stories of numerous people to see what they ate and how they live This book not only has amazing recipes and beautiful pictures, but you get to join the author on their journey to these different places and experience the culture along with them I received a copy of this book from Blogging for books for an honest review.
What could be better than food and stories Victuals is exactly that, and the book lives up to the name It is down to earth with beautiful photography, simple cooking, and stories from the past and present of Appalachia I like that there are many vegetable only recipes, but they are not too awfully healthy The ingredients are so simple and affordable, these are almost forgotten dishes The stories are about people of different backgrounds, who lived in the area, about their lives Even in as little as 50years this book will be a go to source to learnabout history and food of the time It is enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone.

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