There are some books that just resonate deep inside of you This is one such book for me It incorporates arthurian legend and you can never go wrong with that.
I found this in the clearance room of my local bookstore for a quarter.
At first the cover grabbed me even though the description on the back seemed flimsy.
This was a pretty awesome read Essentially it is the age old war of good and evil Ever so often a hero is born into the world, when the hero finds the stone of Ra, he must battle Prince Ombra, the nightmare lord Each time Ombra embodies the warrior s deepest fear This time around the hero is just a nine year old boy Can a nine year old boy save the world from darkness Ombra s influence on the world reminded me of one of my son s books How Full Is Your Bucket For Kids How full is Your Bucket is another good one to read to the littles.
Sorry no action or fighting There are several moments of suspense throughout Another poin World Has Found Its New HeroThe Problem Bentley Ellicott Is Only A KidBentley Has Secret Powers And He S Going To Need Them Bentley Is A Hero The Thousand And First To Be Exact In A Long Line Of Heroes That Has Stretched All The Way Back To Antiquity Heroes Like Arthur And Hercules And Now BentleyThat S Because There Is An Evil In The World That Never Dies Its Name Is Prnce Ombra When Prince Ombra Arises A Hero Is Called Upon To [Roderick MacLeish] ë Prince Ombra [womens-studies PDF] Ebook Epub Download ë Battle Him One Day When Bentley Is Grown He Will Be That HeroWhat Bentley Doesn T Know Is That His One Day Is Today I read it in high school thanx Michelle I have purchasedcopies of this book than any other book I loan it out and never seem to get it back Top 5 of the greatest books I have read.
ever Bentley Ellicot is and will probably forever be, my favorite hero of all time He is an unlikely hero, in that he has learned spells from the crabs, and is able to speak to animals, however most people, see him as a cripple He is young and kind and helpful, and he is born knowing many things, specifically, his destiny.
His heart has been that of a thousand different heros, including King Authur, and Homer, and that with this gift he has been given, he must defeat the essence of evil in the world Prince Ombra Though he is considered peculiar by the inhabitants of his home town, he makes two friends one of which is Sally Drake Slally a girl who speaks in a nonsense language that only Bentley can understand She becomes Bentley s main support in his battle against the evils of the world This friendship that Sally and Bentley share is full of happiness and rea Sometimes it s stunning to read a book that s this good and yet is out of print and not exactly well known.
To some degree, it s easy to understand why it wasn t terribly successful it s a book about children that isn t really for them I realised early on that this book in many ways reminded me of Stephen King, but the first thing that struck me was that it approached writing about children the same way he does It s a book for adults who still remember what being a child was like.
It s like Stephen King in other ways, whether by coincidence, tribute or accident The New England setting is an obvious connection as is the focus on the lives of the people in the town and how the encroaching evil brings out the worst in everyone There are lots of other little touches that remind me of Stephen King but this book is unmistakably Stephen King esque, though I admit that some ✓ Prince Ombra Ø Someone once loaned me a copy of The Key How to Write Damn Good Fiction Using the Power of Myth by James N Frey It was one of those books that I devoured in one sitting I recently added it to my eReader and look forward to reading it again.
The reason I bring up James Frey s book in this review is because that is EXACTLY what Prince Ombra is DAMN GOOD FICTION that utilizes the power of myth to tell a familiar story in a contemporary setting.
I still remember the first time I saw this book The opalescent cover gleaming in the afternoon sunlight caught my eye and I took it down from my mother s bookshelf I couldn t have beenthan 13 years old The story left me absolutely breathless and to this day, when I reach the last few pages of the last chapter I still find myself in tears usually because I have forgotten that scene and it s like reading it for the first time all ov i found a really old copy of this book at a garage saleit had this crazy bright opalescent cover and looked like a completely trashy airport buy that would live next to all the Sword of Shanara books But it s one of the most interesting looks at heroes and evil I have ever read It even held up under re readings It s like the last Harry Potter book before Harry Potter was even written

I ve read this book probably three times I still have it, might well read it again.
Nothing like it.
Kids communicating in ways you only dream is possible, or might hardly not remember Sub verbal With genius.
Great drama Life defying twists A real sleeper Who knows about this book Otherwise, the guy s a political writer from Washington, D.
C Go figure.
i don t know how I heard about this book, but I had it requested out of the library and in my hands within a week And it sat in my library bag for almost three weeks while I read through my ever enjoyable Jacqueline Carey series, a couple mangas, and even a romance novel Finally, I only had this strange book, Prince Ombra, left to read The cover on the copy I had showed a rocky shore with two ospreys in the foreground, and very tiny off in the distance two people sitting on the rocks The story looked like it could have been a 1950 s book about two kids and their summer adventures, or maybe a nature guide for the Northern seacoast.
What it did not look like was the explanation of all evil and good in the world and their eternal battle.
I loved it from the first few pages where the unknown later you find out

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