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I was lucky to receive my copy of The Arrow Chest from Robert Parry himself signed and I was not disappointed I started reading immediately when I received it and it was a magnificent read The whole story is set in Victorian England, but there are glimpses on Tudor era and that was what caught my attention.
The main character is handsome painter, Amos Roselli who comes to the Tower of London to sketch the remains of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII s ill fated wife who was beheaded back in 1536 There, sketching the remains of a woman who was a legend in her own times, Amos finds out about her story and from now on he will be seeing Anne Boleyn in many different places or will he Amos, a struggling artist is a very talented man and soon he gets a commission that can open many doors for him Wealthy industrialist I just finished this book about 5 minutes ago and I am already wantingI did not want it to end This is the first book I have read by Robert Parry, and I can promise that it will not be the last From the very first page, I was in awe Robert Parry has managed to write a Victorian Gothic story in the 21st century that rivals many of the great authors of the 19th century It is very beautifully written If I did not know better, I would never have suspected that it was not written in the Victorian era.
This story is an intermingling of the Victorian Era and the 16th century tragedy of Anne Boleyn How is that possible Well, you need to read it to find out It starts out with the discovery of Anne Boleyn s bones under the floor of a church along with an arrow chest From there the story consists of the weaving of the

Synopsis London, 1876 The painter Amos Roselli is in love with his life long friend and model, the beautiful Daphne and she with him until one day she is discovered by another man, a powerful and wealthy industrialist What will happen when Daphne realises she has sacrificed her happiness to a loveless marriage What will happen when the artist realises he has lost his most cherished source of inspiration And how will they negotiate the ever increasing frequency of strange and bizarre events that seem to be driving them inexorably towards self destruction Here, amid the extravagant Neo Gothic culture of Victorian England, the iconic poem The Lady of Shalott blends with mysterious and ghostly glimpses of Tudor history Romantic, atmospheric and deeply dark The Arrow Chest I had read and loved Mr Parry s Virgin and the Crab and was uncertain what I would get from this novel despite all of the praise Any uncertainty on my part was not necessary, because again, Parry has spun an incredible story which still manages to work the Tudors into his tale I ll also admit that I don t normally care for second person POV as many writers are barely adept at writing in first and third person Parry is the exception as he is able to maintain it without slipping into another POV as often happens , so for that alone he gets a thumbs up from me As others have mentioned, the story has characters whose lives seems to parallel in some ways the relationship of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn, as well as Anne s friendship with poet Thomas Wyatt, only the story has been updated to 19th I was watching Dark Shadows reruns and I remembered how much I loved the Gothic suspense and the feeling of being scared but not too grossed out like a lot of today s movies do with special effects I do not think the original show ever aired in England but for us older Americans who use to love coming home at 4 pm to see the ghosts, witches, and magical events like a seance, this might be a good book for you It combines the tragic story of Anne Boleyn and the events of a beautiful Victorian lady married to a business tycoon based on Henry VIII I do not want to give away the plot but it does involve an art movement that shows paintings in the style of Raphael Do not worry if you are not an art historian This will not get in the way of the story It really is a How wonderful to have discovered Robert Parry with his other worldly literary voice I loved this and gobbled this up, staying awake til the wee hours of the morning until alas, this afternoon, I ve finished it Amos Roselli is a starving artist a painter, in a similar vein to Dante Gabriel Rosetti His muse and childhood friend, Daphne is the 2nd wife of a boorish quasi peer in the munitions industry, obsessed with having an heir There s Beth the patient young housemaid to Amos And then there are the ghosts real and imagined and the parallel to Anne Boleyn and her husband, King Hal How will this all end Ah, you ll have to read it yourself because this is as far as I go in a poor re telling of the tale Suffice it to say that the setting and landscape become cha ↠´ The Arrow Chest ↠´ I knew Robert was a gifted historical author upon reading his first novel, Virgin and the Crab He graciously sent me a copy of The Arrow Chest to read and review and it too me eons to get around to it Well, I hosted a lovely event at Castle Macabre in last month, Gothic September, and The Arrow Chest read a long was the star of the show I am so glad I finally got around to reading it I feel it would be a shame for anyone to miss out on reading this wonderful book.
If you have any love for the Tudors, you will enjoy this book because Robert takes his 19th century characters and creates them at a parallel with such illustrious Tudor figures as Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Cromwell, Thomas Wyatt the poet and Jane Parker Boleyn Mix this element with a genuine Gothic feel with the settings and ghosts and this I m very Lucky that Robert Parry asked me to read and review his book Because as it turned out I loved it.
I didn t know what to expect from Amos Is he a good, bad, a drunk But he s truly just a confused men who lost the love of his life to another men And that other men I could not stand He was arrogant, bossy and just a tyrant.
The character that stood out for me was Beth, the housekeeper I thought she was so sweet, caring, sincere and selfless A very good friend to Amos.
The plot is great From the very beginning it sets the tone There where some slow parts, but when the supernatural starts to happen it picks up it s pace I loved that Anne Boleyn was involved in the story I m not going to spoil it to you, but it was creepy and intense.
The Arrow Chest is a historical fiction you should get if you like them dark, mysterious and intense.
Gothic Blends With Ghostly Glimspses Of Tudor History In This Fabulous Tale Of Love And DestinyLondon,The Painter Amos Roselli Is In Love With His Life Long Friend And Model, The Beautiful Daphne And She With Him Until One Day She Is Discovered By Another Man, A Powerful And Wealthy Industrialist What Will Happen When Daphne Realises She Has Sacrificed Her Happiness To A Loveless Marriage What Will Happen When The Artist Realises He Has Lost His Most Cherished Source Of Inspiration And How Will They Negotiate The ☆ The Arrow Chest ç Download by ✓ Robert Stephen Parry Ever Increasing Frequency Of Strange And Bizarre Events That Seem To Be Driving Them Relentlessly Towards Self DestructionHere, Amid The Extravagant Neo Gothic Culture Of Victorian England, The Iconic Poem The Lady Of Shalott Blends With Mysterious And Ghostly Glimpses Of Tudor History Romantic, Atmospheric And Deeply Dark I had wanted to read this book for a while having read the excellent reviews and was delighted when I was given a copy for my birthday The writing style is elegantly fluent and it gives the period in which the book is written 1876 the atmospheric feeling it is due and you can easily immerse yourself in the words written.
The characters of Daphne and Amos fit together and contrast brilliantly in what is a clever and engaging piece of work, I have ordered the Virgin and the Crab and cannot wait to get started on it when it arrives and I look forward to Parry s third book.

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