õ Data Structures and Program Design In C (2nd Edition) ✓ It s a horrible book in C programming I don t know why there are supporters for the book The book is very confusing I was getting lost step by step when i read the first few chapters The book gives bad examples and inaccurate explainations It will only lead you to become a bad programmer In fact, some books like Robert Lafore s C programming Using Turbo C contains the same programs stacks, recursion, etc but with good examples and explainations Honestly, keep away from this book.
From The Concrete To The Abstract And Using Numerous, Substantial Case Studies And Sample Programs This Book Explores Structured Problem Solving, Data Abstraction, Software Engineering Principles, And The Comparative Analysis Of Algorithms As Fundamental Tools Of Program Design Emphasizes Principles Of Top Down Refinement, Program Design, Review, And Testing Uses The C Programming Language Throughout Offers Internet Access To The Source Code For All The Programs And Program Extracts Printed In The ↠´ Data Structures and Program Design In C (2nd Edition) Æ Download by ↠´ Robert L.
Kruse Book This is one of the worst books I have ever come across I was forced to study it for one semester for a course in Data Structures and Algo.
and it really was painful going with this book as my only guide Finally had to give up on this and got myself Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen et al to relieve myself of the trouble I was going through with this There are a lot of weaknesses to this book the most glaring of which is the lack of depth in which the subject has been treated by the authors The code examples are very poorly documented and most subjects are given a very superficial treatment, certainly not the kind of reference one is looking for when trying to understand a subject I would strongly recommend that you stay away from this book and go get yourself some decent book which does justice to the subject and doesn t treat it in the frivolous manner in which the a

This is one of the most confusing and dis organized books that I have ever read Unfortunately, since it s required reading for some classes, I feel sorry for anyone that has to suffer the wrath of C programming morons such as the author of this book I highly recommend suicide before suffering through this book as a reference I would recommend that you search elsewhere to learn about data structures in C.
This book is horrible It s badly written code wise and also in a literary sense The author takes good examples and ruins them Also he makes up his own terms to replace supposedly bad ones The code is poorly written and contradicts the authors supposed style He make use of breaks when ever possible, and then tells you that the use of breaks is not good practice He also typedef s beyond reason I would strongly recommending NOT buying this book I unfortunately had an equally idioic teacher who requried this book.
be warned steer clear.

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