Lamb Is To Be The Wife Of A Mysterious Man She Has Never Met, But When Her Mystery Man Suddenly Has A Change Of Heart, She Finds Herself Desperate And Far From Home Dahlia Would Do Anything To Take Care Of The Family She Loved So Dearly, Even If It Meant Leaving Them Behind To Become A Wife To A Man She D Never Met Walker Wasn T Looking For Love, He Was Trying To Mend The Parts Of Himself He Had Lost So Suddenly But When º Rescued by the Heartbroken Cowboy º Download by â Rachel Pratt Walker Met Dahlia His Past Wouldn T Allow Him To Move On Without Another Option Dahlia Found Herself In The Arms Of The Town S Respected Doctor, But Not All Things Are As Simple As They May Seem Would Dahlia End Up Trapped In A Situation She Could No Longer Control, Or Would Walker Be Able To Confront The Demons That Kept Them Apart This Is A Short Story That Includes Sweet And Heartwarming BONUS books AUTHOR S NOTE These Are Stand Alone Stories With An HEA, So No Cliff Hangers Stories Contain Mature Themes And Language, And Is Intended ForReaders Only ß Rescued by the Heartbroken Cowboy Õ Goo Didn t care for additional stories.

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