A World Quarantined Since Its Discovery By The Far Reachers Of Jota S History And Where The Fortunes Of Slavers And Chemists Have Been Made Ever SinceIt Was To Earth That Kanetus E Var, The Son Of Jota S Most Ruthless Slaver, Escaped To Make Vahst, A Powerful Drug Manufactured From The Human Brain And It Was To Earth That Tagen Pahnee, Fourth Ranking Officer Of The Jotan Off World Security Fleet, Was Download Epub Format Ù Heat PDF by ✓ R.
Lee Smith Sent To Bring The Criminal Back To Justice Neither Of Them Could Have Anticipated That At That Moment, E Var S Hunting Grounds Were Experiencing The Worst Heat Wave In Years, Triggering The Jotan Breeding Cycle In Both MalesHome Is Not An Option For Either Of Them Both Are Determined To Find A Way To Work On This Hostile Planet, Surrounded By Humans, Surrounded By Dangers, Surrounded By Heat Adult Readers Only, Due To Graphic Gore, Violence, And Explicit Sexual Situations Pages, , Words When R Lee Smith said that the book would be dark, you better fucking believe it This auhtor s works are not for everyone, but if you like the author s certain charm in his her books, then I m sure you ll enjoy it.
Heat is the 2nd book that I ve read by Smith As always, it boderlines between kinky and hot and fucked up This book is not for the faint of heart and easily offended.
OMG 5 Abso fucking lutely Amazing Stars This is Horror Erotica at it s Best Kane how he looks on the outside Kane is from the planet Jota Yeah, he s a badass motherfucker and he s on his way to Earth in search of humans Kane is a human slave trader, a thief, a killer, and a rapist Kane how he looks on the inside Needless to say, he s also a sadist that enjoys the pain of others He will leave a trail of bodies a mile long and a river of blood in his wake Unfortunately for Kane, his spaceship lands on the west coast in the dead Heat of summer And Kane s alien genetics are not prepared for the Heat Heat triggers the mating cycle in Jotan males High temperatures send Kane into Heat and he must mate in order to survive A willing mate is not necessary and Raven is just one of Kane s many vic

I liked the bad guy I would have never wanted to meet him in person of course, but he is the most interesting out of the two main male alien characters.
Because Kanetus E Va aka Kane is a mean sonofthebitch Let s count his attributes Brilliant mind He prefers to use his talons and his claws to kill He carries his Chemist bag and he is an awesome Chemist He likes to f ck Drug dealer Son of the most notorious slaver and a slaver himself Sadist A predator who plays with his food.
The other male character, Tagen Pahnee aka Tagen is your typical cop who runs after Kane in order to arrest him Let s count his attributes Not such a brilliant mind He is searching Kane on foot without realizing the magnitude of planet Earth, without knowing that there are cars he could use He knows how to shoot He carries horrid weapons He likes to watch TV Man of law Man of honor and duty who goes b Warning This is not for sensitive or squeamish readers There is an overabundance of graphic physical violence, blood and gore, rapes, sexual violence and depravity Escaped criminal, Kanetus Kane E Var arrives on Earth to harvest dopamine from humans brains to make the drug Vahst.
In pursuit is Tagen Pahnee, Security Fleet officer tasked to capture Kane and return him to their planet, Jota.
When Kane and Tagen arrive in a sweltering Oregon summer heatwave, the soaring temperatures result in both of them going into Heat The overpowering need to mate is driven by excruciating pain, alleviated temporarily by sex This is the third book I ve read by R Lee Smith, and she is without a doubt one of the most imaginative and skilled authors I ve ever read CharactersThere are four main characters Tagen PahneeTagen is The Hero, in

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