Interested In Mathematics Will Appreciate This Survey, Which Explores The Distinction Between The Body Of Knowledge Known As Mathematics And The Methods Used In Its Discovery It Traces The Growth Of Mathematical Science From Ancient To Modern Times, Chronicling The Application Of Mathematics To Natural Download Epub Format ✓ The Nature of Mathematics PDF by ☆ Philip Edward Bertrand Jourdain ScienceEdition As a retired statistician and astronomer I think of mathematics as a tool for describing what we observe, without worrying about its philosophical basis Not so the author, for whom the proposition 1 1 2 means if x and y are members of 1, and x differs from y, then x and y together make up a member of 2 To me this is making heavy weather of it But I decided to refresh what I d studied at university, and accordingly read this book in the collection The World of Mathematics by James R Newman, who prefaces it with an interesting quotation from Bertrand Russell Pure mathematics consists entirely of such asseverations as that, if such and such a proposition is true of anything, then such and such another proposition is true of that thing It is essential not to discuss whether the pro

I d give this essay a 4.
5 5, only deducting points for sometimes overly florid and hand wavy prose where an illustration would demonstrate the principle fareffectively talk about a lack of intellectual economy I really loved how Jourdain couched his discussion of The Nature of Mathematics verb the act of and mechanisms behind deriving new theorems vs Mathematics the body of knowledge thus derived, as a subset of provable statements in the way in which mathematics developed, as well as distinguishing the different snapshots of Mathematics Galileio s Mathematics vs Newton s Mathematics so as toclearly base his case for the logical and Logical underpinnings of mathematics and therefore Mathematics.
· The Nature of Mathematics · Far too chatty for what little it sets out to argue If you are a mathematician, just skip chapters 2 through 6.

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