Interesting storyI would rate this 2.
5 if possible I appreciate the historical research and accuracy in this novel And the story is interesting with plot twists and turns that kept me reading I just wish it had been penned by a better wordsmith.
A hit This is another of Parris Afton Bonds great historical romance fiction books She did her research, as usual, and write this amazingly action packed adventure about a lady journalist attempting to get an interview with infamous Pancho Ville during the Mexican Revolution The characters are well defined The location descriptions are very well described The plot is exciting, fun, romantic and suspenseful This one I definitely highly recommend.
Å Blue Moon Å One Hot StoryI chose this title because inways than one this novel took you to some of the hottest places on earth and also the love scenes were steamy There is violence against woman which is true to the period of time I think this not for all readers because of that The historical part is interesting and the characters are well developed A woman named Roxy, in a man s world for sure, through the Mexican Revolution was trying to prove herself as a great reporter for the newspaper, when by happenstance she meets up with Sam her sister s ex fianc She hires him to help find a young woman who is a high appointed associate to Poncho Villia Her ultimate dream is to get a interview with Villia.

As hard as I tried, I could not stay with this book I kept going back in and seeing if I d get hooked on the next chapter, and I ve read 56% of the book, so I think I have given it a good chance Normally, I read about two or three chapters, and I m hooked, but this one just didn t do that for me.
Roxana, Brilliant Roxanaa Disgrace To Her Distinguished FamilyFor Roxana Wss Defying Her Formidable Father, The Honorable Supreme Court Justice Van Buren, And Striking Out On Her Own For The Wild Southwest Intent On The Scandalous Profession Of Newspaper Reporter, She Was Determined To Do The Impossible Interview The Infamous Mexican Revolutionary, Pancho VillaYet The Challenge Of Villa Paled Beside That Of Sam Brady The Brash Cowpoke, The Brazen Blond Rogue Haunting [Parris Afton Bonds] ✓ Blue Moon [journaling PDF] read Online ó The Seediest Border Cantinas, The Blue Eyed Knave Who Loved His Whisky, His Women, And His Freedom With Equal AbandonRoxana Could Handle The Rough Revolutionaries She Thought She Could Handle Sam Brady But Her Untouched Womanhood Rioted Under His Gaze

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