My favorite of the series I totally loved Meg and Noah We re three sisters into this series and Meg really just captured my heart So Meg, a career driven woman who left home at eighteen for college and never went back Now a successful lawyer strategist, she lives for her job which comes at the expense of all of her relationships The only one she s ever really been able to rely on is Noah, her best friend from back home who she has stayed in contact with over the years Noah, gorgeous K9 police officer Dedicated to his family and trying to live up to his father s legacy as the town Sheriff He s sworn off long term relationships since the last one burned him three years ago Now he spends all his time with his dog Renzo and helping his mo I want the chance to make you happy I want to be the only one you ll ever love And I will fight like hell every single day of my life to deserve it Insatiable is the third book in the Cloverleigh Farms Series and it follows the story of Noah and Meg After a recent break up, Meg has evenof a reason to return home Her sister is getting married and Meg needs to surround herself with those she loves She s ready for a break and to have some fun Of course, returning home means running into her best friend Noah He once saved her life and they ve been fast friends ever since Their friendship has survived many ups and downs and for the first time, they re both very single Both Noah and Meg have always wondered What If , but have never had the courage to take the plunge He s made it clear he s not looking for love, but that doesn t mean that these two friends can t enjoy the finer benefits of the Didn T Mean To See Him Naked It Was An AccidentIt Had To Be, Right Because Noah McCormick And I Have Never Been Anything Than Friends In All The Years I Ve Known Him, He S Never Once Laid A Finger On Me And Even Though He Was A Cute Lifeguard AtAnd A Hotter Than Hell Sheriff S Deputy At , He S Always Been That Protective Guy I Could Trust To Keep His Hands To Himself I Never Wanted To Mess With ThatUntil [Melanie Harlow] ✓ Insatiable [category-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¿ I Walked In On Him Getting Out Of The Shower And Saw His Hard, Muscular Body Totally Bare And Dripping Wet At That Moment I Never Wanted To Mess With Anything So Badly In My Entire Life I Should Have Covered My Eyes Said I Was Sorry At The Very Least, I Could Have Handed Him A TowelAfter All, I Was Only In Town For A Few Days, And He Was Just Doing Me A Favor By Escorting Me To My Sister S Wedding It Wasn T A Real Date But I Didn T Apologize And He Didn T Cover Up Talk About A Hot Mess After All Those Years Of Being Just Friends, Suddenly We Re InsatiableHe S Made It Clear He S Not Interested In Romance Which Is Fine With Me Because I Ve Got A Plane Ticket Back To My Real Life At The End Of The Week It S All In Funor Is It Hot cop Check Strong, independent woman Check Friends to lovers Check Yep, this hits a lot of my boxes Meet Noah, the sexy cop Meg, one of the Sawyer sisters You ll love getting to know these new characters while visiting with old favorites If you like audio, get this one.
î Insatiable î I received an arc copy of this from the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.
Summary After another failed relationship, Meg decides to head home early for her youngest sister s wedding There she finds comfort in her family and long time best friend Noah But their now relationship feels different Meg is attracted Noah and finds herself wondering why he s never made a move Noah doesn t want a relationship He already has too many responsibilities between his career and family But his connection to Meg is undeniable and he finds that he can t stay away After one steamy night together, they agree this only for the week when Meg returns to her life in DC But what if she stayed Overview POV This is told in 1st person in alternating chapters from Meg and Noah s POVs Meg Sawyer 34, Lawyer, Lives in DC, Family owns Cloverleigh Farms in Michigan, Wor Meg Sawyer lives in Washington DC with her boyfriend, but she devotestime and energy to her job rather than her relationship And out of the blue, her boyfriend dumps her, leaving Meg single yet again Meg s supposed to be traveling back home to Michigan for her sister s wedding soon, but she decides to go home a little earlier than expected She wants some family time, but she wants to see her friend Noah McCormick, who she s always had a crush on deep down Noah McCormick left for the military straight out of high school, leaving behind his family and his friend Meg There could ve been something romantic between them, but instead they just remained great friends It s been 17 years since Meg and Noah became friends Noah s no longer in the military, but instead is the town s Sherrif He doesn t have any interest in settling down, as he has plenty Where do I even begin First off, this is a standalone, you don t need to read the other two books in the series, but you ll want to go back and read them because the stories are amazing But, back to Insatiable Meg and Noah s story is AMAZING There is something about a friends to lovers story that gets me every time, their story is no different The chemistry between these two is unreal I couldn t get enough of them Their history has friends and their untold feelings had me wanting their HEA, they both deserve it I think out of all the books in this series so far, Noah and Meg s is my favorite.

Melanie Harlow s books are like my go to comfort food, or my warmest, softest pair of pyjamas I know what I m going to get and it s going to make me super happy Like potato salad Noah McCormick sexy cop with a dog He runs, he s got a perfect body, he adores his family, he has handcuffs He saved the life of Meg Sawyer when she was 16 and took the best friend role He calls her Sawyer, not Meg He s a keeper.
Meg, Meg, Meg, Meg Career woman Holds a torch for the man who saved her life but won t dare admit it I loved this sexy pair I wanteddog though I mean Renzo the actual dog This book put me on my happy cloud and that s a lovely place to be With or without potato salad.
AVAILABLE NOW Insatiable is LIVE in Kindle Unlimited It s a standalone friends to lovers romance with a side of sexy, funny, and sweet Noah and Meg have been close since he was the 16 year old lifeguard who rescued her at the beach one day She left their small town after high school, but he never forgot her Their playful chemistry is sizzling hot, and Noah is the kind of good guy with a dirty side hero I LOVE to write This is a romance to make you swoon and SMILE read Insatiable for FREE in KU Kindle Unlimitedharlow.
pub Insatiable International mybook.
to InsatiableMH Paperback harlow.
pub Insatiable pb Audio coming soon 3 4 STARS 3I love this series a lot and I find this one cute and sweet, it was also fast paced and romantic.
I adored the characters and I fell in love with them My entire life, I ve been waiting to fall in love like this, and now that I have, I m evenalone than I was before I love the relationship between Meg and Noah.
They were intense and passionate.
There were moments I swoon and melt over them.
They make me have butterflies in my stomach these two He pressed close behind me and spoke low in my ear His voice was deep and commanding You have the right to remain silent Anything on my body can and will be used against.

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