Ì Flipping Ä Wow When I first read the synopsis for this book, I thought it would be a light, fluffy chick lit book I was so wrong and I m so glad Flipping journey s a few years in the life of Fay Famaghetti She is tired of the restaurant business so she leaps at the opportunity to become a real estate broker Remember back in before the recession when housing was booming That s where Fay decides she is gonna get rich quick and damn anything in her way, including her husband She begins a fling with her mentor, who already has a girlfriend When the blocks start to tumble down around her head, Fay has to pay the price for her selfishness and greed But will the cost be too high Ellenton s Fay is realistic and modern easy to vision and relate able I m sure most of us have met a Fay at some point in our lives I was really intrigued with the real originally on Guiltless ReadingChick lit with a smart real estate twist.
The book in one sentence Fay Famaghetti flips houses, and inevitably her life My thoughts Flipping So many meanings in that one word And if you re familiar with real estate jargon, then you know what Flipping means buying a property with the intent to sell it for a profit.
I have to say that this is an oddball of a book It s a combination of chick lit and insider information on the business of Flipping houses I always enjoy odd combinations as they always end up to be interesting reads say for example this economics textbook novel, or this graphic novel flipbook So let s see how I found this combination The story is about Farina Fay Famaghetti She grew up in a loving, hardworking Italian family, who owns a restauran Fay Famaghetti leaves behind working at her family s restaurant and enters the world of finance She becomes a mortgage broker but without her own license she ends up working to put money in her boss s pocket As soon as she is able she strikes out on her own and becomes a sensation She is makingmoney than she ever dreamed and reinvents herself.
Then the bubble bursts She is in over her head and sinking fast Her greed has pushed her beyond the point of return Just how far will she fall and who will she drag along with her Dollycas s ThoughtsThis story is set in the time before current housing crisis when brokers were Flipping houses like crazy Buying cheap, making a few repairs and selling for a huge profit Mortgages being written illegally, falsifying documents, people being paid off, all in the name of greed It culminates

Horrible Basically a book about how to take advantage of people who lost their homes in the economic downturn while sleeping with people you work with Fay was unbelievably na ve, yet we are supposed to think she is this driven woman with a solid business head, combine that with her utter and blatant joy in taking advantage of people s misfortunes made nothing at all about her likeable Not to mention he ending wasn t even an ending It was, oh, okay, I guess I m done writing now, lets just wrap it all up so it s pretty A mess I caution anyone who had or is having a hard time due to the collapse of the housing market to avoid this book at all costs I was lucky enough not to have had a hard go of it, and even I was offended I get that people do get taken advantage of, but to show it in such a positive, I can use this to get rich quick kind of way was almost unreadable books Weird Way to end a book I thought I was at a good stopping place last night didn t look at % to get a feel got back to reading tonight and it is over Famaghetti Is Ready For A Change She Realizes That She Is Meant For Something Beyond The Drudgery Of Working In Her Family S Italian Restaurant Business When She Moves From Her Hometown Of Brooklyn, New York To Suburban Long Island, A Unique Opportunity In A Traditionally Male Dominated Profession Presents Itself And With Not Much Than A Supercharged Ambition And An Accounting Degree, Self Assured Fay Decides To Go For It Willfully Seduced By The Greed Of The Era And Prospering In Download Epub Format ¹ Flipping PDF by É Mary A.
Ellenton The Murky Waters Of A Corrupted System, Fay Quickly Gets In Over Her Head While Mixing Business With Pleasure Within The Treacherous Industry That Helped Tumble The World S Greatest Economy

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