A fast fun read that sets the stage for all the books to follow.
The book introduces Jason Steed whose mother died giving him breath Jason s father is a career Naval officer and is gone for months at a time leaving Jason to be raised by nannies At age five, while his I never read any books until my teacher recommended this for me, After the first page I was hoked n Jason Steed books and now I love spy books, Alex Rider, CHERUB, Artemus Fowl, Jason Steed comes top of the list The story is very real life, the story grows on you I would recommend for boy 10 14 if you are like me and don t like to read books this is a good start, my grades have gone up in English to.
This is the 3rd time I have read this But the first time in 5 years, and damn it made me cry again.
I read it when I was in school the first time and fell in love with the character, now I am mature Or should be the writing seems very 10th grade style, basic and the author Tells the story I actually think that is the appeal, its simple to read, an original story and great cute little character, unlike any other so called teen spies, Jason Steed isnormal, he does cry, gets hurt emotionally and physically The relationship between father and son is heart breaking After reading that review you would say Where is the Spy stuff It s loaded with action, wise cracks, a hint of cupid teenage romance and hides an emotional factor that builds up and smacks you between the eyes.

This is a brilliant read I felt a wide range of emotion while reading this action packed book Mark does a such a great job at showing both Jason s life now in the present, and his life growing up, and it sets the tone for the resilient young man he really is It also show cases the broken and then on the mend relationship he has with his father, Lieutenant Commander Steed of the HMS ARK Royal, based out of London, England By the time Jason was almost 8, he earned two black belts and a 2nd Dan black belt He can speak numerous languages including Chinese which is where he grew up, until his father moved him back to the house he grew up in London, England , Japanese, English andHe can complete an military assault course in less than 7 mins, and fly a simulated plane Jason starts off broken and throws himself into martial arts, where he learn I read the reviews so bought the book, although it was not easy to get hold of I eneded up getting it from .
The story is amazing, why this book is not a best seller is beyond me, probably because its self published.
I really loved the story, the character Jason Steed The imagination is allowed to run wild, the story is cute, romantic, sad and exciting.
Its the best book I have read since Harry Potter I cant say enough good things about it In one word Awesome.
English Book Review By Steven Fincher Class 8CI read this book a year ago but read it again for the English project.
Jason Steed is one of my favourite books because it is like real life Jason does normal things, he gets into trouble, he cries, he is naughty sometimes, he laughs and is against bully s.
His dad is not very nice beasue Jason s mum died when she was giving birth and his dad his strict and his dad blames Jason EMOTIONA bit in the book that made me cry is when he was 10 and his dad said I love You after Jason had been hurt Jason could not believe it He said REALLY You really love me It was the first time in his life anyone had said that to him it was an emotional chapter.
Its non stop action, he has no one that cares for him much, his dad allows him to take up Karate and Judo Jason is sm à Fledgling: Jason Steed ✓ This was an amazing book The flow of the story, the development of characters and their relationship with one another are all spot on One flaw I found though is the unrealistic nature of the plot At age 11, Jason Steed is already a multilingual martial artist, earning several black belts, flying planes, etc Of course, he s a prodigy but it gets exaggerated sometimes Despite this flaw, I really enjoyed reading this book I hope to findbooks like this.
By His Mother S DeathTaken For Granted By His FatherTrained In Deadly Martial ArtsJason Steed Is Looking For A Place To Call Home He Finds What He S Looking For In The Sea Cadets An Elite Group Of British Youngsters Being Groomed For Lifelong Service In The Military But When A Routine Training Exercise Goes Awry, Jason Finds Himself In The Middle Of A Secret Mission The Future Of The World Hangs In The Balanceand Jason Might Be The Only One Who Can Save Download Epub Format ¹ Fledgling: Jason Steed PDF by ☆ Mark A.
Cooper It I feel bad bringing down the super high rating on this one It does deserve lots of stars as it so clearly delights kids When was the last time you looked at reviews and found the majority written by grade school boys who described themselves as not liking books Fledgling is the first installment in an initially self published series Jason Steed was born in Hong Kong in tragic circumstances his mother dies during delivery His British military dad is filled with grief and leaves the boy to be raised by a Cantonese nanny At five Jason develops a passion for martial arts The plot is action packed and cleverly begins with a snippet of the dramatic conclusion The writing is not glamorous, but given the author apparently wrote this for Ok let me just start off by saying WOW This book took me by total surprise I was kinda expecting something like the Alex Rider novels written by Anthony Horrowitz but this book is in some ways very different The book Fledgling by Mark A Cooper is about a young lad named Jason Steed who is a Marital Arts expert who is the son of a British navy Captain I think I read this book like 5 months ago so correct me if I m wrong Anyway you can probably find the rest of the information at the book description at the Fledgling page soooo.
Ok so I finished this book in like a day and a half because I just could not stop I m not kidding you cannot stop it s like if you started reading this book and you planned to stop at page 30 for the day by that time you stop its already page 130 It s so action

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