I had never read any of these stories previously but it soon becomes apparent why they are included in the classic novels Soon got used to the dialect by reading it in context An excellent and uplifting account of people thrown together in dire circumstances and the human spirit which carried them along Perhaps not for the current PC generation but a great snapshot of history.
Award Winner AudioFile Magazine Audible Is Pleased To Announce The Premiere Of An Exciting New Series, Audible Signature Classics, Featuring Literature S Greatest Stories, Performed By Accomplished Stars Handpicked For Their Ability To Interpret Each Work In A New And Refreshing Way The First Book In The Series Is Mark Twain S Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, Performed By Elijah Wood Ernest Hemingway Said, All Modern American Literature Comes From One Book By Mark Twain Called Huckleberry [ read Online Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A Signature Performance by Elijah Wood (Audio Download): Amazon.
uk: Mark Twain, Elijah Wood, Audible Studios: books ò language PDF ] by Mark Twain Ô Finn One Hundred Years After Its Author S Death, This Classic Remains Remarkably Modern And Poignantly Relevant In This Brand New Edition, Elijah Wood Reads Huck In A Youthful Voice That May Be The Closest Interpretation To Twain S original Intent His Performance Captures The Excitement And Confusion Of Adolescence And Adventure Best Of All, The Immediacy Of Wood S Energetic Reading Sweeps Listeners Up And Makes Them Feel As Though They Re Along For The Ride, As Huck And Jim Push Their Raft Toward Freedom Stay Tuned For One Of A Kind Performances From Actors Kenneth Branagh, David Hyde Pierce, Leelee Sobieski, And , Only From Audible Signature Classics In a hurry to download a book before going away, I made the mistake of buying this one For days I struggled with its impenetrable prose, which was like reading a novel written in the form of cryptic crossword clues Only when I got back home, after the returns date had passed, and located a copy of the original did I realise that this is not Mark Twain s novel at all, but some machine generated parody of it, in which the river bank becomes the river financial institution for example Do not buy this edition of the book it is not what it says it is.
ð Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A Signature Performance by Elijah Wood (Audio Download): Amazon.
uk: Mark Twain, Elijah Wood, Audible Studios: books
ð Like the large size.
but not very well laid out no pictures, just Jpeg reference, whats that all about wish I had bought aexpensive and different laid out one I totally didn t know what to expect with this book after reading tom sawyer but this is even better It amazed me and surprised me about the adventures A really good insight into what life was like back then, though author says there is no moral, it seems to have a lot of modern outlook to me, pointing out the unjust treatment of slaves, trickery of con men, strange ways of town folk, dangers of small minded villagers, and all the time centring around the innocence of boyhood, young male outlook, the inner teacher a boy can follow, the kindness and judgement he can learn to develop OK, there is a repeated word, not used today, and offensive to people of African origin beginning with N , I daren t quote it here However, it w The voice reads the text clearly, at a good speed and in an accent which I would guess to be something like authentic It must be difficult to get it right when a book is written in archaic dialect from the 1840s So far it seems to be all there, so I am pleased.

Please, dont buy this version as it obviously hasnt been proof read There are so many mistakes, it is actually embarrassing In case you wondering financial institutions in this book are river banks If Huck is going around something, he is going spherical If time is mentioned, its mentioned 3 times in a row time time time When there is talk about she, it generally goes she or he or she or her If there are problems connected with heart they are cardiovascular cardiovascular heart.
So unless you like cryptic clues while you reading phoneticaly written book, I would not bother This is a really entertaining read that gets better and better the further you get into it, and becomes hilarious once Tom Sawyer arrives on the scene towards the end.
My understanding is that this book was removed from being taught in school on the grounds of racism, which I find utterly bizarre It is true that throughout the book slaves are referred to using the n word, which is obvious distasteful But the book is a reflection of its time and this word is primarily used by white people to illustrate their bigotry and ignorance Throughout the book slaves are portrayed as altruistic, considerate, warm hearted and family orientated, whilst all the fraudsters and violent drunks, including Huck s father, are white.
That aside, this is a very funny book in which Huck gets i

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