Freud Is Not Only The Most Celebrated Artist Working In England, But One Of The Most Private He Has Frequently Stated His Reluctance To Be Photographed And He Has Almost Never Agreed To Be Interviewed Following The Publication Of The Last Ten Years Of His Work By Jonathan Cape In The Autumn Of , The Painter Has Agreed To Talk To Sebastian Smee, A Writer On Art Whom He Greatly Respects, In A Series Of Conversations Rather Than Formal Interviews He Wants To Talk About Painting Itself, Trailer ì Freud At Work: Lucian Freud in conversation with Sebastian Smee.
Photographs by David Dawson and Bruce Bernard PDF by Õ Lucian Freud The Demands Of His Own Work And The Painters He Admires Two Photographers Have Had Access To Freud S Studio The Late Bruce Bernard Was A Friend For Many Years And The Subject Of Two Of Freud S Paintings Bernard Was An Authority On Photography, A Great Picture Editor, And Also A Very Fine Photographer He Made A Number Of Studies Of Freud At Work Over The Last Five Years In Particular, Freud S Assistant, The Painter David Dawson, Has Been Photographing The Artist Constantly The Results Reveal Various Stages Of Works In Progress, Including Paintings Of Dawson Himself, And The Intensity Of The Activity In This Very Secret Domain The Only Precedent To Such A Document Might Be David Douglas Duncan S Photographs Of Picasso At Work, But Nothing As Extensive Has Been Published On Such A Major Painter Before í Freud At Work: Lucian Freud in conversation with Sebastian Smee.
Photographs by David Dawson and Bruce Bernard
Ú THE BOOK IS VERY GOODI HAD THE BOOK IN FEW DAYSTHE PRICE IS GOODTHE BOOK HAS THE FEATURES SHOWN IN THE SITE Must reading for insight into the life and art of one of the original individuals in a time of xeroxes.
See the models behind the paintings Check out the painting that the wealthy owner of Chelsea football club acquired The Queen and David Hockney actually sitting for Lucien Genuinely interesting I saw this book when house sitting for a family member and knew I would want to return to it again.
This is a great book It could be a valuable addition to any art lover s library It is richly illustrated with reproductions of artist s work as well as photographs from artist s studio.

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