You Want To Fall Back In Love With Colour, read The Secret Lives of ColourSUNDAY TELEGRAPH A Dazzling And Vibrant History Of Colour, From Van Gogh S Wilting Yellow Sunflowers To Turner S Deadly Green And Picasso S Darkest Period MAIL ON SUNDAY This Is A Gorgeous Book GUARDIAN Even Farrow And Ball Don T Know As Much About The Secret Lore Of Colour As Kassia St Clair Almost Every Page Throws Up An Unexpected Detail And [ Pdf The Secret Lives of Colour ñ wwii-related-fiction PDF ] by Kassia St Clair Ä Insight Extraordinarily Full And InterestingAn Ideal Crib And A Valuable Resource Not Only For The Design Conscious But For Students Brian Morton TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT The Weirdly Fascinating History Of Your Favourite Hues From An Unwittingly Deadly, Arsenic Tinged Green To Van Gogh S Favoured Yellow WIRED An Excellent, Innovative And Idiosyncratic Cultural History That Will Colour Your ThinkingSt Clair Writes With Style, Energy And Knowledge, Explaining Many Mysteries Succinctly And Wittily, Such As Why A Regular Tomato Is, For Example, Not Red Tomatoes Appear Red Because That S The Very Wavelength Their Skin Does Not Absorb A Red Tomato Lies To Tell The Truth Snappily Designed, With High Production Values The Secret Lives of Colour Is Attractive And Diverting Stephen Bayley SPECTATOR BeautifulSee How A Single Colour Can Tell Different Stories Across The Globe DAILY MAIL A Work Of Art In Its Own Right A Beautiful Tactile Book Filled With Fascinating Anecdotes About Every Colour From Blonde To Puce THE POOL Charming FINANCIAL TIMES From Pink Boys Clothes To Blue Warpaint Why Orange Spells Danger And Other Colourful Tales DAILY TELEGRAPHThe Unforgettable History Of Colours And The Vivid Stories Behind Them In A Beautiful Multi Coloured Volume

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