Great basic intro to canning Like most dummies books though, don t expect any depth Just a good intro.
Iskimmed than actually read this Good resource, as the For Dummies series usually are.
This book basically mirrors the Complete Idiot s Guide to Canning Preserving Maybe if I d read this one first, I d have given it five stars, but while it contains a comprehensive overview of various preserving methods, it has few recipes, and not thebasic ones that I d think a beginner canner preserver would be looking for Also, it contains illustrations, rather than images, which I liked in most cases but which weren t always as clear as a photograph would have been.
This book was concise and very informational I am a newbie to canning and preserving and the author did a great job holding my way hand throughout the whole process It was a fantastic resource for my recent stab at a jam and I am looking forward to using it during my future canning adventures.
This is the book I turn to for the most basic of questions When you are brand new to a hobby and aren t sure where to turn for entry level answers, this is it.

I only skimmed this library book, but I was really interested in the freezing section I ll have to rent it again Ì Canning & Preserving for Dummies Ì Not my fav book ever, but deserves a 5 for excellence If you need to know anything about canning, this is a great help Follow the recipe, follow the recipe, follow the recipe.
Good beginner book.
Wow This book has a whole lot of information for the person interested in canning or preserving their own food right in your own kitchen While I have as yet to try any of these recipes I did find several that I got excited about My copy was borrowed from our local library and was the 2009 edition For those who are serious about trying out canning, freezing and or dehydrating different foods I would highly recommend getting the latest edition of this book and going for it In it you will even find such useful information as what types of pressure canners and dehydrators are available Along with other useful, and easy to follow, information and recipes this is a great book for the beginning canning enthusiast.
About Canning And Preserving Your Own Food Maybe You Haven T Given It A Try Because You Believed It Would Be Too Involved The Truth Is, Today S Methods And Procedures For Home Canning, Freezing, And Drying Food Are Simpler And Easier Than Ever And Now, With This Easy To Follow Book, You Ll Get The Information You Need To Can And Preserve Food Safely Canning And Preserving For Dummies Makes Download Epub Format à Canning & Preserving for Dummies PDF by ¾ Karen Ward Putting Up Fruits And Vegetables In Your Home As Easy As Pie Featuring Up To Date Safety Guidelines And Simple, Fun Techniques, This Practical, Friendly Guide Is For Anyone Who Wants To Enjoy Delicious, Do It Yourself Treats Year Round Or Even Give Them As Gifts You Get All The Juicy Details On Water Bath CanningPressure CanningFreezingDryingFinding The Right Supplies And Equipment Canning And Preserving For Dummies Also Features Yummy, Eas Y To Do Recipes That Include Preparation Times, Cooking Times, Processing Times, And The Yield You Should Expect From Your Efforts You Ll See How To Make Everything From Apple Butter, Pear Raspberry Jam, And Bread And Butter Pickles To Chicken Stock, Tomatillo Salsa, And White Chili You Ll Also Discover How To Know The Acidity Level Of Your FoodPick And Prepare Fresh FruitLine Your Jars With LiquidCreate Jams, Jellies, And MarmaladesPreserve Chutneys, Relishes, And SaucesPickle VegetablesCombine Foods For ConvenienceSelect Food For FreezingProtect The Life Of Your Dried FoodProviding Troubleshooting Tips For Home Canned Creations, Sources For Locating Equipment Suppliers, A Metric Conversion Guide, And Definitions Of Preserving Terms, Canning And Preserving For Dummies Has Just What You Need To Fill Your Pantry With Savory Homemade Fare

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