Weird, yet uncannily entertaining Self Published Novel By June Alison Gibbons, One Of The Silent Twins Preston Wildey King, , Lives In Malibu With His Widowed Mother And Sister He Is Literally Addicted To Pepsi, To The Point That All His Thoughts And Fantasies Are Focused On It When He S Not Drinking It He S Dreaming About It, Even Creating Art And Poetry Based On It It Amounts To His Religion Preston Could Have Written Breathtaking Design Strategy , TheCorporate Document Elevating Pepsi And Its Logo Trailer Ï Pepsi-cola Addict PDF by ✓ June Alison Gibbons To Metaphysical Glory He Is Deeply In Love With Peggy, But She Dumps Him After An Argument Over His Pepsi Habit His Friend Ryan Is Bisexual And Desires Him His Math Tutor Seduces Him, And When He S Sent To Juvie After Robbing A Convenience Store Mesmerized By A Crate Of Pepsi, Of Course, He Sits Down And Drinks Some Instead Of Running He S Molested By A Guard Preston S Choices And Misfortunes Are Chronicled With That Distinctive Gibbons Flair, Full Of Elegant Metaphors, Quirky Slang And Over And Undercurrents Of Emotion That Take On A Life Of Their Own Good Luck Finding It Only Five Libraries Are Known To Have It, But Apparently Bootleg Copies Exist So I don t usually write reviews, but I can t believe that I got this book I had to jump through a bunch of hoops, but I got it at my library It was a very interesting book, and I would definitely recommend it.
↠´ Pepsi-cola Addict ↠´ Hey what fazes you I ll tell you what fazes me the fact that this book is labelled outsider literature and hasn t been re published, while the likes of Twilight and 50 Shades are actually sold as books Considering she did not have the advantage of professional editing and proofreading this is all diy , it s pretty impressive and shows a lot of potential too bad she stopped writing The Pepsi addiction parodies the cola wars of the 1980s The question of whether you prefer Pepsi or Coke is taken to its logical conclusion the eponymous protagonist finds those who favor or promote Coca Cola contemptible I believe the humour is intentional The story reminds me a lot of contemporary teen dramas like Elite, Scream, Riverdale etc It s better then most YA fiction out there Nevertheless, it spotential than finished product, and for those of you so keen to find a copy Is there anyone on Earth who has a copy of this book If there is anybody out there who can help me locate a copy of this you will have my sincerest, most profound thanks.
I read this in the British Library over two afternoons Bizarre but charming.

June Alison Gibbons owns the rights to her book I expect if she saw evidence of a lot of people asking for it she might be able to work out having it reprinted Discomania and The Pugilist by Jennifer might be trickier.
Another idea might be to contact Marjorie Wallace, the twins biographer The Silent Twins She is in her 80s, so this should be done soon She is probably the only one who has read all the twins novels She may still have them, unless she has given them back to June.
POPSUGAR 2017 Reading Challenge prompt A book that s been on your TBR list for way too long Mr Kennedy was conveying water from a flexible green tube over his broad lawn when Preston approached him.
That s how the whole book reads It s irritating, because I feel like the dialog was very strong But the contrast with the character s relaxed speech and the ridiculously pompous prose was just too jarring to stick through I had to put it down Really, the only reason I was interested in this was because of Gibbons, and how hard it was to find It s disappointing to find that it s mostly unpolished and not worth the read.

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