Is Over A Century Since Sherlock Holmes Made His First Appearance, And Readers Throughout The World Still Clamour For Of His Exciting Adventures We Are Happy To Announce That Seven Stories From The Despatch Box Of John Watson, MD Have Recently Come To Light In Them You Will Meet Such Characters As The Reverend Nathaniel Flowerdew, Vicar Of Great Mowl Professor Hendricks And His Aquarium The Right Honourable Robert Bonnington Smythe, Once Expected To Become Premier Of England And The Man In The Red Flannel Waistcoat Who Was [John Heywood] ☆ Investigations of Sherlock Holmes [young-adult-historical-fiction PDF] read Online ↠´ At Both Ends Of The Street At The Same Time My Mind Is Like A Racing Engine, Tearing Itself To Pieces Because It Is Not Connected Up With The Work For Which It Was Built, Holmes Said Of Himself In His Darker Moments In These Stories The Engine Is Fully Engaged And At Full Throttle As Holmes Brings All His Daring And Intelligence To Bear On The Puzzle Of The Quiet Crescent, The Case Of The Apprentice S Notebook, And Other Mysteries In This Collection Ä Investigations of Sherlock Holmes Ä My sincere thanks to Steve and Timi at MX Publications for my review copy of this book.
This book contains seven new short stories of Sherlock Holmes, told through the reminiscences of John Watson, MD Overall, the book has its high points and lows We will give a short review of each story The Ship s Chandler of Hyde concerns a man who was nearly drowned by the treacherous waters off Whitsea Holmes is suspicious from the mere publication of the story Why should the local man have been caught in the riptides when they are so well known This story is a little weak, I think The Glebe House Affair concerns the death of Hugo Mayne, brother to the Mistress of Glebe House Hugo was badly mauled by a lion in Africa and lost an arm and seriously wounded a leg He has a bad limp, but he walks all the time around the estate and even into the village He suddenly came into a large amount o 7 original mysteries, in a fair facsimile of Doyle s style They are on the level of a good television detective series striking, varied situations and dead give away clues if you know the rhythm of this kind of storytelling well enough One or two feel a bit too contrived, but the most preposterous of these involves an octopus, so all is forgiven.
This is a collection of okay Sherlock Holmes stories The Ships Chandler of Hyde, The Case of the Vanishing Fish and The Black Bull are definitely the weakest in the collection I don t recall one time in the canon that Holmes no matter how bored actually sought out a case and put himself on it I also find it odd that Holmes never once questioned what exactly one of his clients had done in a past life that he was so worried about the police finding out about it and just decided to protect him The Case of the Vanishing Fish I don t see Holmes, even as a joke or for an old friend, even bothering with this one And the Black Bull was borderline unbelievable.
There were also moments throughout the other stories that felt off Holmes in these stories wa A mostly good collection of Holmes stories One of them I didn t care for For Holmes fans, this is certainly worth reading, but not essential in my opinion.
As far as the Holmes pastiches go, this one is neither best nor worst the stories are worth reading but not one of them stands out as a great Holmes story I enjoyed the novel, but none of these stories fall amongst my favorite Holmes stories which, admittedly, is a tall order of any Holmes author.
3 stars.

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