Banda De Hoti Pune La Cale Un Furt Spectaculos Dintr O Camera De Valori Aflata La Subsolul Bibliotecii Firestone De La Universitatea PrincetonPrada Este Nepretuita, Insa Universitatea A Asigurat O PentruDe Milioane De Dolari Bruce Cable Este Proprietarul Unui Magazin De Carte, Insa Castiga Bani Buni Ca Negustor De Carti Rare Si Editii Princeps, Cochetand Uneori Cu Piata Neagra A Cartilor Si A Manuscriselor Furate Mercer Mann Este O Tanara Romanciera Care Sufera Din Pricina Lipsei De Inspiratie Ea Este Abordata De Download Epub Format Ì Camino Island PDF by ì John Grisham O Femeie Eleganta Si Misterioasa Care Incearca Sa O Implice Intr O Poveste Periculoasa, Dar Captivanta O Suma Considerabila De Bani O Convinge Pe Mercer Sa Accepte O Misiune Sub Acoperire, Astfel Ca Se Infiltreaza In Cercul De Prieteni Al Lui Bruce Cable I know it s been a few several years since I read Grisham, but, my gosh, he has changed Often accused of cranking out legal thrillers and following a specific formula, maybe he wanted to depart to a simpler, softer,feminine style If that was his intention, he succeeded I found the subject matter very entertaining, otherwise I probably would not have finished it The mystery not much of a mystery at all revolves around some stolen manuscripts that are worth millions in the literary world The reader gets to learn a bit about the black market as we follow the actual theft of F Scott Fitzgerald s original Gatsby manuscript from Princeton University We follow the stolen papers and see how they eventually end up on Camino Island, Florida, in the hands of Bruce Cable, a local bookstore owner.
The story is light a Your secrets are safe I can t think of a soul I would want to tell And these secrets are within a crime A jumbo, over the top, kick in the door of modern literature, and pull down the shades type of heist Dollar signs that even have dollar signs.
When a group of well rehearsed thieves make their way into the tombs of Princeton s lower vaulted depths, they come away with a golden grail in the form of original hand written manuscripts of F Scott Fitzgerald Miraculously, they stage enough diversions that they escape the university grounds and burrow into their hideouts But the coast is not always clear just because time passes A flubadub occurs and two of the members are caught Each of them utter not a word Clear sailing for the others Maybe yes and maybe no.
Advice to oneself ala Grisham Write what you know.
So Grisham parachutes this story into the waiting arms of a bo What a fun summer read I haven t read a John Grisham book since the 90s, but I picked up Camino Island after seeing a positive review I was intrigued because the story is a departure from Grisham s usual legal thrillers The plot is that priceless manuscripts by F Scott Fitzgerald were stolen from a Princeton library, and the hunt is on to catch the thieves and save the papers.
The novel starts off with a thrill as we watch the gang of thieves go about the heist As a librarian and also as someone who wants literary archives to be protected, I liked that Grisham completely made up the details of the theft and didn t base it on the real library layout, because he didn t want anyone trying to imitate the crime in real life After the Fitzgerald manuscripts are stolen, we watch the police and FBI work the case, but when the trail goes cold, investigato I enjoyed thisthan some other recent John Grisham novels I have read Many parts of it were 3 stars and many parts were 4 stars I will compromise at 3.
5 stars but round up to 4 on the official scale since I have been so harsh on Grisham lately The main appeal of this book is that books are central to the theme Hardcore readers which most of you probably are will appreciate the discussion of bookstore business politics, book values, first edition collecting, and book heists All of that was what kept me in this right up to the very end.
The story was just okay some of the plot points convenient and convoluted It is fiction, so of course the author is making it up, but I want there to be at least some sense that the events are plausible In this case, it seemed like any time Grisham wanted something to fit he would be like, Well, it just so happens that over here is the exact thi I got like 140 pages in and did a lot of eye rolling, skipped ahead to read the ending and then rolled my eyes one last time and moved on.
ï Camino Island ↠´ Every time I read a book by John Grisham, I am consistently reminded of what a great storyteller he is His style is compact, direct and to the point, and pulls you in immediately I wasn t 10 pages into his new book Camino Island and I knew that I would be spending most of the day focused on reading it The good news is that it was worth it.
Rather than focusing on lawyers, it takes aim at the world of bookstores, publishing, and writers It begins with a skillful heist of five John F Fitzgerald manuscripts from a secure vault below Princeton s Firestone Library The manuscripts end up in a secondary black market and a young female writer, Mercer Mann, is hired to go undercover an investigate a popular independent bookstore owner and prominent dealer in rare books that is thought to have or know who is in possession of the manuscripts Seldom has such a good premise and beginning of a novel fallen as far and as fast as this The story languishes with not one, but two inept agencies looking for perpetrators, despite apprehending some immediately The weak and incomplete ending finishes this bottomless piece 0 of 10 stars Back with another new novel, John Grisham seeks to expand his horizons with a story free of much legalese, but with the slightest hint of some criminal activity A heist at one of Princeton s libraries puts a number of original F Scott Fitzgerald s manuscripts in the hands of some career criminals Quick acting FBI agents are able to scoop up two of the five, but the others are still in hiding, along with the manuscripts When one is rumoured to have surfaced at a small book shop on Camino Island, the FBI s Rare Asset Recovery Unit pegs Bruce Kabel as being involved and plan keep an eye on his bookselling operation Meanwhile, Mercer Mann is approached by a private security firm to help with the reacquisition of the manuscripts under the guise of writing her next novel Mercer has struggled with her craft This isn t a John Grisham book , it s a bit of froth It s starts off well with The Heist that s not a spoiler it s the title of the first chapter Then it descends into aimless meanderings among the colony of authors on the island Almost zero suspense Absolutely zero thrills The ending was phoned in If you want an extremely gentle ride through the soporific world of book authors then it will be good I suppose Otherwise grab a different Grisham book I m a huge fan by the way.
To be fair I think Grisham was indeed trying for something different He succeeded He found an audience for it obviously and that s great I just wanted to give you a heads up before you spend your bucks.

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