Had I been reading this on paper instead of my computer, it probably would have gone into the fireplace here She was incredibly hot in that popular girl with bleached teeth and anorexia kind of way, which was Colin s least favorite way of being hot And if somehow it had survived that initial immolation, I definitely would have shredded it for birdcage fodder and I don t even own a bird here She looked prettier than she ever had before Colin always preferred girls without makeup This book was everything I don t like about John Green And I ve already spent enough of my one precious life complaining about how his books are the literary embodiment of high school boys being unsuccessful in love and the general social hierarchy and then constructing an impossibly unpleasant wall of moral superiority as some sort of retro I tried I really did, believe me But I can t do it, it s boring, it has no plot whatsoever and I don t like any of the characters I m not going to torture myself.
V Thought Boys Were GrossKatherine X Just Wanted To Be FriendsKatherine XVIII Dumped Him In An E MailKBroke His HeartWhen It Comes To Relationships, Colin Singleton S Type Happens To Be Girls Named Katherine And When It Comes To Girls Named Katherine, Colin Is Always Getting Dumped Nineteen Times, To Be ExactOn A Road Trip Miles From Home, This Anagram Happy, Washed Up Child Prodigy Has Ten Thousand Dollars In His Pocket, [John Green] ✓ An Abundance of Katherines [popular-science PDF] Ebook Epub Download â A Bloodthirsty Feral Hog On His Trail, And An Overweight, Judge Judy Loving Best Friend Riding Shotgun But No Katherines Colin Is On A Mission To Prove The Theorem Of Underlying Katherine Predictability, Which He Hopes Will Predict The Future Of Any Relationship, Avenge Dumpees Everywhere, And Finally Win Him The GirlLove, Friendship, And A Dead Austro Hungarian Archduke Add Up To Surprising And Heart Changing Conclusions In This Ingeniously Layered Comic Novel About Reinventing Oneself A reenactment of the moment An Abundance of Katherines was conceived John Green sat at his desk, quietly contemplating the ghettoization of scrambled eggs as a breakfast food and brainstorming ideas for his new book His last novel, Looking for Alaska, had done moderately well, but he wanted to do something different this time Something to show his critics that he wasn t a one trick pony yet out of there enough to show his nerdfighters that he was one of them An outsider, a man of the people.
His eyes drifted to a map taped on the wall, then to an unfinished Scrabble game from last night His brother Hank had been kicking his butt, but had to leave to mediate on the metaphysics of ice cream trucks before he could finish spelling hamartia luckily As he was idly staring at his unused letters, it hit him Eureka he yell Colin Singleton is not a vampire or a werewolf or a sorcerer or a punning Austin zombie He doesn t live in a dystopian society, he hasn t slept with his teacher He doesn t do drugs, his parents aren t divorced, and he s suffered no traumas unless you count being dumped by a slew okay, nineteen of girls named Katherine So, why am I reading this I have been programmed to only care about supernatural cute boys I call this my mid life crisis If I give in and self analyze, I would say that I m avoiding real life I m letting myself get caught up in situations that I would have daydreamed about at maybe age 12 Being the damsel in distress , being unconditionally loved for qualities that I have not yet discovered in myself Feeling safe, always protected by really cute guys the bad guys always get caught, and everyone lives h As a YA author, I d heard the name John Green whispered in the YA wind for months, but I d never picked up one of his books until I read a synopsis for An Abundance of Katherines online My husband, a pretty reluctant reader, snitched it from me and devoured it, so I was expecting great things.
I wasn t disappointed This story of a boy struggling to come up with a theory that describes the arc of his 19 relationships with girls named Katherine was, in many places, laugh out loud funny Even with flashbacks, the pacing never flagged, and though it wasn t the world s most unpredictable plot, I was never bored.
The real charm in this book is both the characters larger than life, quirky people who don t quite fit into society and the dialog In John Green s hands, dialog is a weaponand he slayed me I m thrilled that he has a two other novel ↠´ An Abundance of Katherines ↠´ Un libro sin nada que contar, nada original y que carece de trama Empecemos por el protagonista, Colin, siendo un clon del resto de personajes de John Green No eres un personaje interesante para nada Pero eso no es lo gracioso, lo gracioso es saber que es feo, raro, antisocial y me tengo que creer que ha tenido 19 novias D I E C I N U E V E S , es todo muy realista l es un fucker, y encima casi todas sus novias han sido guapas e incluso ha estado con alguna popular ME MEO ENCIMA.
Tenemos a Hassan, el mejor amigo de Colin, que aunque es UN intento de incluir algo diferente e intentar normalizarlo es musulm n , se convierte en un personaje que vuelve a ser un plagio del resto de personajes secundarios de John Green y adem s se convierte en un clich gi

Picture this You used to be a childhood prodigy Member of an academic game team You excelled in school You were special You met a girl named Katherine and the two of you started dating.
Then she dumps you.
Then eighteengirls named Katherine dump you.
Suddenly, you re a teenager with no claim to fame except for your former status as a prodigy No new ideas No girl No plans for the summer excepting wasting away in your room and moping.
This is not your life But it is Colin Singleton s life immediately after his graduation from high school.
Given Colin s history with girls, you might not be surprised that John Green chose to name his second novel An Abundance of Katherines After sulking for several days after being d This was by far the worst experience I ve ever had reading a John Green book I really always enjoy his writing and humor, but this one just didn t do anything for me.
I don t think the book was horrible, but it couldn t hold my attention too long so I was happy it was very short If it was any longer I probably wouldn t have finished it I couldn t stand Colin He was annoying and whiny and just because he acknowledges that fact himself doesn t mean it makes it any less annoying to read about His friend Hassan was alright I didn t mind him and I thought he had some funny parts, but most of the humor with him was about his fatness and man boobs That s not exactly my kind of humor, but I m sure there are other people who love that kinda stuff Lindsey wasn t that interesting either She wasn t annoying like Colin, but I just fo books are the ultimate Dumpees put them down and they ll wait for you forever pay attention to them and they always love you back 2 DISAPPOINTING STARSYou can find the full review andabout this book on my blog You don t know what expectations I had about this book.
I have read other John Green s book like Looking for Alaska and The Fault in our Stars and really liked them especially the first one,also the hype about this book is insane so I thought why not.
Guess I thought wrong.
This book sure contains the marvel of John Green s smart writing,and it is so realatable,especially if you are a nerdy teen with tumblr,and that s smart and unique in a way,and I gave this book 2 stars just because of that.
In the other hand it is boring,like ultimately boring.
First I thought

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