Just when you think these amazing stories can t get any better, Jodi pulls another rabbit out of the hat The St Mary s Christmas short story has become a Christmas tradition in my household Once the turkey is in the oven I settle down to see what mischief Max and co have managed to get themselves into This is a bittersweet tale as it also heralds the last jump for Major Ian Guthrie, St Mary s former Head of Security As usual this is a fast moving, full of twists and turns with some intriguing snippets of info about Markham and the introduction 2 new characters, whom I expect may have a part to play in the future.
I think this might have just become my new favourite St Mary s short.
A last jump and a fond farewell to a rather battered Major Guthrie and his partner who I m sure will pop into subsequent stories The intrigue about Markham is developedthough we re still left hanging on to find out who they are and what Markhams fate will be The introduction of two new characters to an already extensive cast list Pennyroyal and Lady Amelia and especially the ending of the story makes me wonder whether another spinoff series might be in the pipeline.
The traditional Christmas snack from Ms Jodi is well up to standard An interesting premise that really makes one wish it was true I would have given a lot to see the face of the distinguished scientist involved if it had come off Also being a parent to now grown teenagers I can whole heartedly subscribe to Max s thinking and emotions Usual problem with these books is that they are all too short no matter how long they are I shall now retire to await the next offerings in the series.
Once again it s Christmas and time for Max s illegal jump This time she s on a rescue mission to medieval Scotland, but others are there with their own plots in mind There is also a nod to Stephen Hawking New friends are met and a satisfactory conclusion is reached.
The perfect length for a Christmas morning read Loved it.
Special Chronicles Of St Mary S Christmas Short Story That Is Sure To Entertain If You Love Jasper Fforde Or Ben Aaronovitch, You Won T Be Able To Resist Jodi Taylor It S Christmas At St Mary S And Time For The Traditional Illicit Jump Except This One Is Perfectly Legal It S Major Guthrie S Last Jump To The Battle Of Bannockburn, No Less An Important Moment In History For Two Nations One That Warrants Everyone S Full Attention But Max Soon Finds Herself Grappling With ↠´ Why Is Nothing Ever Simple? (Audio Download): Amazon.
uk: Jodi Taylor, Zara Ramm, Headline: books ✓ Download by Æ Jodi Taylor A Near Lethal Game Of Pooh Sticks, Another Avian Incursion And Two Turbulent Teenagers Intent On Piloting Their Own Illegal Jump And That S All Before They Even Get Near Th Century Scotland For This Is St Mary S, And Nothing Is Ever Simple

Another 5 helping of St Mary s from Jodi Taylor an additional Christmas present to look forward to All the usual suspects hurtling round the timeline, this time to Bannockburn and an encounter with bounty hunters, snipers and the usual antics of St Mary s personnel not doing what they are supposed to do As always a top short story from the amazing pen of JT well recommended with a cup of tea and a biscuit A great short story to help fill in the gap to the next full length book It was nice to get a littleinformation about Markham, but teasingly the story leaves a lotquestions unanswered than it resolves.
Why Is Nothing Ever Simple? (Audio Download): Amazon.
uk: Jodi Taylor, Zara Ramm, Headline: books
¿ Short story, good read, disappointingly short as 25% was taken up with start of another book Felt a little short changed and possibly manipulated into buying the next story Enjoyable all the same.
Jodi Taylor has outdone herself this time She has packed this short story with an amazing amount of fabulous new content.
We see many of our favourite characters again, including lots of Elspeth and Guthrie, learn some intriguing bits about Markham, watch as Evans character is fleshed out .
We also meet several new and very interesting characters like Pennyroyal, the incredibly competent butler and Lady Amelia who has a healthy sex drive.
Plus there are tantalizing glimpses of new entities ENTL and a mysterious new plot line about Markham is revealed.
I ve already pre ordered her new St Mary s novel coming in a April 2020.
Happy new year for me Christmas presents from Jodi Taylor are wonderful St Mary s are out in the wilds of History again and what could possibly go wrong Everything And yet.
Here s the Jodi Taylor spoilerZzzzzZzzzzzZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzZzzzHope I ve scrolled far enough to warn of a slight spoilerMmmmMmmmMmmmMmmmMmmWhat could possibly go wrong Everything And nothing Thanks again to the wonderful Jodi Taylor for sharing her brain children with us.

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