This is probably the 4th tagalog book I ve bought this year, and I wish it had been the first It is extremely helpful and explains in much better detail some of the grammar points that had eluded me so far.
This book combined with another one on conjugations by brad Lowe different are an excellent place to start Tagalog S Comprehensive Approach Will Help Students Master Tagalog, The Language Of The Philippines, Also Known As Filipino Or Pilipino From Learning To read Tagalog Words And Pronounce Tagalog Sounds To Using Correct Tagalog Grammar, Communicating In Tagalog Dialogues And Building Tagalog Vocabulary, Learners Will Be Surprised At How Quickly Their Skills Develop The Expert Guidance In Elementary Tagalog Is Ideal Both For True Beginners And Heritage Learners Who Grew Up In Filipino Speaking Communities Or Families The Accompanying MP Audio CD [Jiedson R.
Domigpe] Û Elementary Tagalog: Tara, Mag-Tagalog Tayo! Come On, Let's Speak Tagalog! (MP3 Audio CD Included) (Book & CD) [gothic-horror PDF] read Online Ô Improves Listening Comprehension And Ensures Correct Pronunciation Covering A Range Of Topics, The Lessons Center On Themes From The Family, The Home, And The Community To Food, Travel, Health, Leisure Time, Festivals And Popular Culture There Are Plenty Of Exercises, Activities And Practice Drills To Help Learners Acquire And Master The Language Fundamentals, While Culture Notes Explore The Diversity, Heritage And History Of The Philippines This Is A Complete Language System And No Prior Knowledge Of Tagalog Is Needed To Begin And Is The Most Comprehensive Way To Learn Tagalog Elementary Tagalog Is Composed Of Twenty Four Lessons In Eight Units Each Lesson Contains Cultural Notes At The Beginning Of Each Unit Offering Explanations Of Social, Economic And Historical Aspects Of Filipino Society A Vocabulary List In Each Lesson Ties In To The Theme Of The Unit And Both The Tagalog Reading Text And The Aural Activities Presented In The Specific Lesson Reading And Reading Comprehension Which Are Presented Mostly In The Form Of Tagalog Language Dialogues, Are Designed To Expose The Students To Real Life Conversations As Might Be Had By Native Filipino Speakers ç Elementary Tagalog: Tara, Mag-Tagalog Tayo! Come On, Let's Speak Tagalog! (MP3 Audio CD Included) (Book & CD) ò In am happy with this book I am poor at learning other languages However, the simple step by step it shows in grammar and linking words together has helped me to understand, and has given meconfidence to learn this language the only thing I could askis to increase the Vocabulary in the Glossary at the back of the book.

Before I got this textbook, I was trying to improve my tagalog only with online resources and I found I wasn t improving quick enough and I struggled to understand a lot of the grammar.
However this textbook functions as a good reference book for grammar Butimportantly, it s extremely useful when used in conjunction with the workbook you can buy as well because by using both books, you can test and improve your reading, listening and translation skills.
Some grammatical points could be explained better and there are a few mistakes in the answers for the workbooks and a few minor mistakes in the textbook generally However if you want to reach the next stage in your Tagalog, I d highly recommend this book as well as the workbook.
I would give the product 5 stars but it only gets 4 since you have to buy the workbook separately.
Very useful book, full of good and detailed explanations I would however recommend getting a good Tagalog English to accompany it.
the best one I have come across in twenty years of looking is by Carl R Galvez Rubino published by Hippocrene Expensive but well worth it.

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