The Legal Controversy Continues This Newly Revised And Updated Third Edition Of The Landmark Bestseller Contains New, Critically Important Information For Patients, Loved Ones, And Medical PersonnelThe original Publication Of Final Exit Stunned The Nation By Offering People With Terminal Illness A Choice On How And When To End Their Suffering It Helped Thousands By Giving Clear Instructions To Doctors, Nurses, And Families On How To Handle A Patient S Request For Euthanasia In The Wake Of Court Cases And Legislative Mandates, This Revised And [ read Online Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying ↠´ geography PDF ] by Derek Humphry µ Updated Third Edition Goes Far Beyond The original To Provide New Information About The Legality Of Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide, And A Thoughtful Examination Of The Personal Issues Involved It Has Become The Essential Source To Help Loved Ones And Supportive Doctors Remain Within Existing Laws And Keep A Person S Dying Intimate, Private, And DignifiedWith Deep Compassion And Sensitivity, It Spells Out Why A Living Will May Not Be Sufficient To Have A Person S Wishes Carried Out And What Document Is A Better Alternative It Updates Where To Get Proper Drugs And Exactly How To Carry Out The Quickest, Most Peaceful Way To Make A Final Exit Finally, It Gently Talks To A Person Considering Self Deliverance About Alternatives, Planning, And The Means To Make Every Death A Good Death At Our Time Of Greatest Need Final Exit was written for people that suffer from cancer, Lou Gehrig s disease, Alzheimer s, Parkinson s, Huntington s, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy, emphysema, congestive heart failure, stroke, AIDS andIt says in the book that although suicide is not encouraged the book was written for people who suffer from a fatal or irreversible illness or intractable pain, someone who feels that their quality of life is unacceptable to them, or someone who may just feel that their future is hopeless Complete with recipes for death this book often reminds the person reading to put a plastic bag over their head after taking however many pills it tells you to take It is also written to always leave this book beside you with a suicide note inside so no one will think of your death as anything other than suicide As far as I can tell there is not a person on earth that s Why am I rating a book on assisted suicide so highly Because this is not a book about death It s a book about life It doesn t attempt to answer questions for you even though it states an opinion It only prompts you to ask various questions of yourself.
What is life Who s job is it to value it There are many questions worth answering and while Humphries does not pretend to be the purveyor of all of the answers on the subject, he ll definitely get you to thinking whether you agree with him or not.
If you re open minded, you can read it and gain from it even if you decide, in the end of the book, to disagree for whatever reasons you have.
I recommend it to everyone but as a parent, be informed that it does describe a method of taking one s own life Bear in mind, however, that this is not the focus of the book.
Somberly informative Wag Iv read it many times.
Im happy to say my major residence is in OR A right to die state A prediction Whether an American state has legalized physician aid in dying will become a significant factor in choosing where to retire The baby boom generation gave rise to books like Our Bodies, Our Selves We lived through the advent of the birth control pill Many of us are mystics and or agnostics We are accustomed to living with self advocacy and self determination When it comes to dying, which is a task ahead for each and every one of us, we are not going to be inclined to simply cast the dice Until Physician Aid in Dying is legally available to everyone, even non terminal crones and geezers, we will be seeking information on DIY options This book is very useful for anyone who doesn t want to linger around as a suffering burden on family and society whilst our quality of life is in the pits and we might as well be dead already A botched self deliverance is as bad as a bo I m an oncology nurse who has taken care of many patients on hospice and I thought this book would be interestingand it was I live in a state where physician assisted suicide is illegal Some of the information in this book was new to me and I m grateful to be informed I am for assisted suicide and having seen hundreds of patients suffer, I wish it was legal in every state The author is very bold and detailed about dignified death, if you can t handle that, I wouldn t recommend you read this He doesn t sugarcoat anything Even though the author repeats himself a lot, it was a good book.
Þ Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying Þ It is the height of abhorrence that we treat our dying pets withdignity and compassion than our dying loved ones Final Exit, published in 1991 is a dated, yet an historic expose of euthanasia alternatives at that time Alternatives often violent, gruesome, and fraught with error, all due to spineless lawmakers and medical providers unwilling to respond with compassion Now, twenty five years later, we have advanced little An entire industry of prolonging death continues to evolve, with society complacently standing by It is shameful that the dying should be treated so inhumanly.
I read this book when it first came out in 91 as I am a BIG proponent of Right To Die I see nothing wrong with it and believe FIRMLY that G accepts your soul to heaven on His timetable, not ours and therefore there s no such thing as Suicide.
I ve read quite a few of these books but Mr Humphreys is the most intelligent by far He gets right to the heart of helping yourself or someone else self deliver by mentioning how to do it, when is the correct time, and who to tell or not Paramount to me is explaining why you did this as people believe what they choose but, leaving a note leaves nothing to chance Although still people believe what they want depression, etc A truly, truly intelligent book, Mr Humphreys BRAVO I was rather torn on my rating of this I saw this book as, bluntly, a how to book on suicide With my personal attachment to the idea of suicide, I found it very bothersome that this book has been published albeit, understandably, self published There are diagrams, step by step guides, tips, etc on various methods to commit suicide i.
, his recommended Nitrogen Bag method, to use cash when purchasing items so as to not leave a trail , that it is absolutely imperative to stay silent if someone has to assist in a suicide, to not volunteer any information to any investigator Let them do the investigating , that one should use two vehicles in the situation of death by carbon monoxide in case one dies he provides many examples of the best barbiturates to use, which medications to not use due to past failures , where one can get these in various countries Final Exit by Derek HumphreyThis read like a master s thesis on active euthanasia It not pleasure reading, but it is informative It frequently referenced suicide hotlines for emotional suicides, did not list nonprescription medication toxicities, and cautioned heavily against the use of nonprescription drug overdoses It gave careful consideration to how loved ones will feel following a suicide, how to get affairs in order, and how to be absolved of legal responsibility should you br present when a nother persons suicides There is also a chapter on Kevorkian and a section for doctors nurses.
Why challenged My guess Well, obviously, this is a book about how to kill yourself Although it is only meant to be used by terminally ill adults, it could theoretically be mis used by depressives Also, many object to euthanasia in any form, and would object to the book on moral

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