You Can Learn Trading Penny Stocks From The Masses And Become Part Of The % Of Traders Who Lose Money In The Stock Market, Or You Can Learn From The Best The Complete Penny Stock Course Is Based On Timothy Sykes', Various Training Programs His Strategies Have Helped Individuals Like Tim Grittani, Michael Goode And Stephen Dux Become Millionaires Within A Couple Of YearsThis Course Aims To Teach You How To Become ☆ The Complete Penny Stock Course: Learn How To Generate Profits Consistently By Trading Penny Stocks Ý Download by ☆ Jamil Ben Alluch A Consistently Profitable Trader, By Taking Tim's Profitmaking Strategies With Penny Stocks And Presenting Them In A Wellstructured Learning Format You'll Start By Getting Acquainted With The Concepts Of Market And Trading Psychology Then You'll Get Into The Basics Of Day Trading, How To Manage Your Risk And The Tools That Will Help You Become Profitable Along The Way, You'll Learn Strategies And Techniques To Become Consistent In Your Gains And Develop Your Own Trading TechniquesWhat's InsideManaging Expectations And Understanding The Market Understanding The Psychology Of Trading And How It Affects You Learning The Basics Of Day Trading Learning The Mechanics Of Trading Penny Stocks Risk Management And How To Take Safe Positions How To Trade Through Advanced Techniques Developing Your Own Profitable Trading Strategy Real World Examples And Case Studies No Prior Trading Experience Is Required Ce livre est un condensé des cours et concepts de bases de trading promus par Tim Sykes, pour un débutant total il permet la compréhension des concepts de bases de trading.

Pretty much worthless.
The book comprises a set of notes written in a pseudoacademic style, each section or chapter beginning with learning outcomes, some content in the middle, followed and summary of thr key point.
The problem is there is no meat within the core of the sections.
There are sections on how to select a broker and what the various order types are, much of which is very expressed on the web.
A chapter looks at money management and appears to be so convoluted making it inaccessible.
It's not the few equations (I have a physics background and very much happy with complex maths) but just a lack ability or attempt to convey things clearly.
Was really looking forward to this in the expectation that the book captures the strategy of Timothy Skype.
There nothing in the book th I don't usually write Amazon reviews.
In fact, this would be the first I've ever done but after reading this book I felt obliged to.
It is by far the best book I've ever read for everything you need to know about penny stocks.
I would 1000% recommend this to anyone looking to get into it and has absolutely zero experience with trading.
10/10 for me.

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