Rain School By Jamie RumfordNo awardsGrades k 2Summary The big kids lead the young ones to their first day of school in Chad When they arrive they find that their is just a schoolyard THe teacher shows the children how to build the schoolhouse Once the school is finished they begin traditional learning The school year ends once the rainy season starts The rain washes away the schoolhouseReview This book is very simple in terms of writing It can probably be read as an independent book for 1st or 2nd grade.
Activities in the classroom Venn diagram comparing US schools to Chad schools Writing workshop If you could build a school, what would it be like Use clay and straw to build a diorama of the schoolhouse.
This book is another book that was one of the chosen books for the Washington State Children s Choice Picture Book Award The pictures in this book are tremendous, they look like crayon and then they were made to look wet like rain had gotten to them The story was beautiful because it told of a life much different than ours It talked about a school in Chad where big brothers and sisters were the ones that led them to school instead of a Bus and they had to build the entire school, step by step, page by page, before they could begin learning It then talked about how excited the children were to get paper and pencils and tables and to learn Then at the end of the year they are so sad to leave their friends and teachers and then the big rain comes and tears it Is The First Day Of School In Chad, Africa Children Are Filling The Road Will They Give Us A Notebook Thomas Asks Will They Give Us A Pencil Will I Learn To read But When He And The Other Children Arrive At The Schoolyard, They Find No Classroom, No Desks Just A Teacher We Will Build Our School, She Says This Is Our First Lesson James Rumford, Who Lived In Chad As A Peace ð read ↠´ Rain School by James Rumford ð Corps Volunteer, Fills These Pages With Vibrant Ink And Pastel Colors Of Africa And The Spare Words Of A Poet To Show How Important Learning Is In A Country Where Only A Few Children Are Able To Go To School Rain School is a story about children in African in a village name Chad and a little boy name Thomas and their first day of school For many children in the United States their first day of school begins in a building inside a classroom For the children in Chad, their first day of school begin with them and their teacher building their school with sticks, mud bricks, mud walls, mud desk, grass and saplings for the roof School for the children in Chad last for nine month, after which the big rains begin the fall, strong winds blows and the children s school, is nountil September and the children build their school once .
The illustrations in this story are full of colors of Africa, bright red, yellow, green and gold on every page The illustration look like they were color with crayons, which make the illustrations appear self drawn and colored This is an excellent book to teach childr Ú Rain School Ú 1 No awards currently.
2 K 23 It is the first day of school in a village in Chad, Central Africa, it is Thomas first day of school in his life and he is both excited and nervous The children arrive to the school yard, there is their teacher but, there is no school in site, Our first assignment the teacher says, is to build our school The children so much by building their school that will eventually be washed away by monsoon season but it won t matter because after 9 months in their rain school, all the knowledge will have been learned and they can build it all back up again in the spring.
4 Rain School is book that is stuffed to the brim with potential lesson plans from diversity, what makes school a school to non materialism The vibrant colors that fill the pages with the velvety skin tones and the Earthy environments bring this book beyond just a good lesson about education acros On the first day of school in Chad, the students must built their school building from mud and grass After the school year ends, the rains wash away the school, but the children s learning endures.
The picture book Rain School by James Rumford features the struggles that children in the country of Chad face Each year, the children go to school and the big brother and sisters lead the way They all have to build the school as their first lesson They make their school out of mud bricks and grass When the school is ready, the kids retain all the material from their teacher At the end of the year, the big rains come and the school is destroyed, but the knowledge has been learned by the children This picture book stresses to a younger audience how not every child has the same privileges The pictures show to kids how some people do not have the best standards of living and education Author and illustrator James Rumford incorporates two page spreads of full bleed illustrations that depict the text well The

I found this to be a wonderfully simple story The story of children building their classroom out of natural items found locally mud, saplings, straw before they can begin their lessons to read and write, at first came across as sad to me By the end of the story, my heart had been uplifted Before the students begin lessons to read and write, they first learn how to make mud straw bricks and weave saplings into walls and ceiling frameworks and then lash long grasses together for walls and roof Skills they can carry for their lifetime At the end of the school year, when school lets out and the monsoon rains return the natural materials to the earth the information has been learned and the knowledge taken away by the students The ending was just perfect.
This story takes place in Chad, and describes how a group of school children have to build their school out of mud bricks and thatch before they can begin lessons At the end of their school year, the rainy season comes and washes their school away Everything has to be rebuilt for the next school year This is one place where a permanent school out of wood or corrugated metal would help I liked the illustrations, which looked like they were pictures colored with crayons in a coloring book For those who think that learning requires lots of gadgets and supplies, this book will show what can be done with meager supplies I hope children who read this will appreciate how lucky they are in this country to have the nice schools that they do Highly recommended.
Children are heading back to school in Chad Their first learning activity To build their school Then they learn the alphabet and other topics Their teachers is devoted and caring and enthusiastic What a lovely story

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