Although typical chicklits, I remember that I loveeeed reading Kate Cann's books as a teenager.
Really, I bought every book as soon as it got out here in the Netherlands.
Lovely books for young teenage girls!
In my eyes this trilogy is the best set of books she's ever written.
Grecian Holiday and Spanish Holiday were very enjoyable as well.

SO: typical and not particularly original, but VERY well writen.
Art and Collette's relationship is nauseating at best, but I unfortunately found myself relating to pathetic Coll's woes about not being loved as much as she loved.
I think it's something every girl has to go through and the author described it well.
I was really pleased with the ending, however I don't think I will be reading the third book because I know Art and Coll will get back together and I would really rather they didn't.
So I will just pretend the book ends here and be happy.
I've Changed," He Said, Suddenly Serious Again "I Really Have I Won't Pressure You Anymore We'll Take It Slow I Promise I—I Won't Jump On You Anymore"

I Started To Laugh That Promise Struck Me As Incredibly [Kate Cann] » In the Deep End (Art & Coll, # 2) [young-adult-paranormal PDF] read Online ¶ Funny I've read the first book in this series and I actually thought it was pretty good.
So when I picked this one up from the library I was excited to read it.
I have to say, I was very disappointed in the second book.
Really the only thing it was about was sex! It seemed like every other chapter the main characters were having sex.
It was boring, bland, and I never wanted to read it.
Though I did finish it, only because I wanted to get onto a different book.
I don't know if I'm going to read the third bookmaybe if I'm bored and have nothing better to do.
Who knows? Probably the most sexually explicit YA book I have read.
There's sex in almost every chapter.
I appreciated the unflinching honesty but found it severely lacking in depth.
Too bad because I liked Art and Coll in the first book.
I read this book when I was about 13 as it is a young adult book and I absolutely loved it! It's a typical teenager book with both love and heartbreak and the book continuously reaches out to the reader to make you feel involved.
As a teenager I felt as if the book dealt with many topics that were relevant to that age group and therefore I gave the book 4 stars as for a young adult book I loved it a lot! Ô In the Deep End (Art & Coll, # 2) Ú This book was featured as part of a Throwback Thursday post.

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Happy reading =)

it was a good read for the topic, and the three books didn't go over the top with PSA, and that can be hard to find in stories like this.

i would read it again if i was asked but not out of free will smiley.
i love the plot and all three books overall but i am not a highschool kid anymore so they don't work for me but i think a lot of teens should give them a try, just for the interesting insight it can be a bit black and white in places

but it something worth reading once This is the kind of story I needed when I was 16/17.
I really enjoyed it now as well and felt as though it stands up to the test of time well The main reason why I enjoyed this book and why I'm enjoying this series overall is because of all the fond memories attached to it.
Memories of first picking it up years and years ago (I think I was 14 years old) and it becoming one of my favorite books to read and reread.
Back then young adult books were scarce and books that dealt with mature content like sex even more so.
If this were my first time reading this book I probably would have rated it lower because of all the flaws in the characters and the relationship between them.

I don't really like Collette.
I thought she was okay in the previous book but her behavior was really off putting in this book.
She is so obsessed with Art it's bord

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