First Two Editions Of This Book Have Been Embraced By Thousands Of Cisco ASA Professionals, From Beginners To Experts The New Rd Edition Has Been Enhanced And Updated To Cover The Latest Cisco ASA Version X And Previous Versions X As Well All Configurations, Commands And Examples In The Book Are Applicable For All ASAAndX Devices And Will Work On ASA Version XThis Book Is Loaded With Raw Practical Concepts, Step By Step Configuration Tutorials, And ThanNetwork Diagrams To Explain The Scenarios It Also Includes Complete Configuration Examples Trailer ✓ Cisco ASA Firewall Fundamentals - 3rd Edition: Step-By-Step Practical Configuration Guide Using the CLI for ASA v8.
x and v9.
x (English Edition) PDF by µ Harris Andrea And Real World Cases That You Will Not Find Anywhere Else There Is No Fluff Or Redundant Information Topics Covered In This Book Include The Core ASA Firewall Features As Well As The Most Frequently Encountered Scenarios That You Will Find In Real World Networks The Book Is Written By Network Security Expert Harris Andrea, A Cisco Certified Professional With ThanYears Of ASA Experience, And Focuses On Simplicity And Practicality Instead Of Complex TheorySome Of The Topics Covered Include The Following Getting Started With Cisco ASA Firewalls User Interface, Access Modes, Software Updates, Password Recovery EtcBasic Firewall Configuration Basic Configuration StepsConfiguring Network Address Translation NAT For PreAnd PostVersionsConfiguring DMZ NetworksConfiguring And Using Access Control Lists ACLsConfiguring VLANs And SubinterfacesConfiguration Of Threat Detection Basic, Advanced, And Scanning Threat DetectionIKEv And IKEv IPSEc VPNs Site To Site VPN, Remote Access VPN EtcAnyconnect Secure Mobility Client SSL VPN, IKEv VPN, Certificate Authentication EtcConfiguring Active Standby Stateful FailoverAdvanced Features Of Device ConfigurationAuthentication Authorization And Accounting AAA ConfigurationConfiguration Of Identity FirewallConfiguring Routing Protocols On ASA Static Routes, RIP, OSPFv, OSPFv, EIGRPModular Policy Framework Configuration Class Maps, Policy Maps EtcConfiguring Quality Of Service QoS Traffic Policing, Shaping, Voice Priority Queueing EtcCisco ASA US MUCH MOREFor ASA X Models, The Book Does Not Cover Next Generation Firewall Features Such As ASA CX, Cloud Web Security Or Web Security Essentials However, All The Content Included In The Book Will Work OnX Models Probably a book to read after gaining some experience with ASA, it goes pretty deep but the thing I likedis the extensive coverage of the topics and features After this book, it shouldn t be hard to delve in any advanced topic autonomously.

I ve read about a third of this book so far It is well written and easy to follow I particularly like the way the author laid out the examples with the pre version 8.
3 right before the post version 8.
3 This works out very well for me as I am well versed in the earlier ASA OS and this helps me quickly relate how the new format compares to the old format But beyond that, there is a wealth of easy to understand information to gather for anyone new to Cisco firewalls I highly recommend this book.
Today i received this book package was very simple.
but book was in good condition.
main point is i started to read book and language is awesome like you are reading old school days first or second standard books superbi done with first chapter very easily in no time.
then started second i.
e NAT.
very nicely explained and got the confidence and understood nat very easily.
but not much explained but enough text to understand purpose of different types of NAT and use cases.
I definitely recommend to have this book if anyone newly born in firewall security world and wants to learn from basics in easy language.
Thanks writer of this book I am waiting for up to date edition please.

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