↠´ Hafiz of Shiraz ↠´ I read the poems and THEN I read the preface and introduction Now I feel I should read it again.
A Quarry Of Imagery In Which Poets Of All Ages Might Mine Ralph Waldo Emerson Hafiz Was Born At Shiraz, In Persia, Some Time After , And Died There InHe Is, Then, An Almost Exact Contemporary Of Chaucer His Standing In Persian Literature Ranks Him With Shakespeare And Goethe A Sufi, Hafiz Lived In Troubled Times Cities Like Shiraz Fell Prey To The Ambitions Of One Marauding Prince After Another And Knew Little Peace The Nomads Of Central Asia Finally Overthrew The [Hafez] É Hafiz of Shiraz [ivory-coast PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ø Rule Of These Princes, And Led To The Establishment Of The Succeeding Timurid Dynasty It Is Of Utmost Literary Interest That A Poet Who Has Remained Immensely Popular And Most Frequently Quoted In His Own Land Should, For The Universality And Grace Of His Wisdom And Wit, Be Known Outside The Land Of His Birth As He Used To Be, The Subject Of Veneration Among Literati Both In Europe And The United States The Time For Revival Of Interest In A Poet Of Such Cosmopolitan Appeal Is Overdue His Poems Celebrate The Love, Wine, And The Fellowship Of All Creatures This Volume, First Published In , Brings Back Into Print At Last The Renderings, The Most Beautiful And Faithful In English, Of This Greatest Of Persian Writers Not my favorite translation compilation of Hafiz still good though.
His poetry isof Sufi Structure much like Rumi Divine must read.

I m interested in knowingabout Iran and this is their beloved poet But, as usual, poetry is not my forte I did like some of the imagery, and perhaps that is the most important aspect Apparently Goethe was a huge fan of Hafiz, in honor of whom he wrote West stlicher Divan a collection of poems addressing the engagement of German Middle Eastern, Latin Persian, and Christian Muslim In some introductory material to that collection Goethe wrote this, which I used as an epigraph to my book Wittgenstein in Exile Who would the poem understandMust go into the poem s land.
Who would the poet understandMust go into the poet s lands.
Praise to be God Those afar who know are near and those near but without discernment, are afar Hafiz

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