Greg is right AND he s funny in saying it Great read.
This is the first book of Greg Gutfeld, but it seems like I have been reading his work for my whole lifetime That very well may be because Greg speaks my heartfelt beliefs But in a MUCHhumorous way You cannot read any section of this book without realizing two important facts 1 This guy is spot on with everything he writes, 2 This guy is one of the greatest humorists since Will Rogers He is blanking hilarious Greg is a co host on The Five, a news commentary show on the Fox News Channel every weekday at 5 00PM EST and Red Eye on the same network at 3 00AM EST I live for Greg s monologue on The Five, the chemistry of this group is perfect , though I don t stay up for Red Eye very often Greg expresses his Conservative Libertarian views perfectly wi

In these mini essays, Greg gives us bite size bits of his thinking that have you laughing at one paragraph and mulling things over mentally in the next Still can t climb onto the Libertarian bandwagon yet, but Greg does show us that certain lines of logical thought go beyond parties Human nature and thinking that s not tied up in worthless emotions find a lot of us wanting the same things Being able to get along and be productive Good goals to aspire to.
Greg Gutfeld is a very funny guy I d love to hang out with him over a couple of good steaks and yack about the increasingly absurd nature of what passes for public discourse these days I am sure he would be a real hoot However, on paper, his rough tone sometimes rubs me the wrong way just a little After 50 pages or so, I was done Don t get me wrong, I like the guy s rap I just found it starting to feel a little predictable, and moved on to something else That s just me you might be one of the many who get a real charge out of him I suggest picking up a used copy for cheap and giving the guy a run You may find yourself laughing your head off.
The Bible of Unspeakable Truths ☆ I m an independent voter I like Greg s humor and easily understandable way of presenting political philosophical topics Educating and entertaining at the same time Good gift for those friends who say they hate politics This has a much better chance of holding their attention than many of the books from other pundits.
I was confused at first then I realized tha it was like I was talking to Gutfield He talks fast and he reads fast He jumps from on subject to another so fast I found I had to re read what I just read It is a fun book You don t now that he is going to say or do when you turn the page.
One second he makes you think and the next he has you falling out of your chair laughing.
If you love Greg s monologues, you ll probably like this book Problem for me was that since I only occasionally like his monologues, I got burned out quick when I tried reading a book so jam packed with tightly written verbiage as I would a regular book It would have been better to have paced through it over a few weeks by reading only one or two bits at one sitting.
The other downside to this book is that Greg s delivery the eye rolls, the pauses, the glasses as prop are a big part of his show s appeal, and the book naturally cannot convey those nuances.
Gutfeld Is The Funniest Person On TV read This Book Immediately And See For Yourself Ann CoulterGreg Gutfeld Is A Brilliantly Funny Writer And Social Commentator This Is The First Time Anyone Has Asked Me To Write A Blurb For Their Book It S Even Less Fun Then I Thought It Would Be Jim Norton, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Happy Endings And I Hate Your GutsGreg Gutfeld Is Uproariously Funny And ☆ The Bible of Unspeakable Truths á Download by ☆ Greg Gutfeld Is One Of My Favorite Guests Dennis MillerEven Though Greg Gutfeld Was Once Rude To Me On The Phone Because Time Warner Screwed Up His Home Cable System, He Is Still The Funniest, Most Incisive Political Writer On The Right Trust Me, You Don T Want Him Setting His Sights On Your Hypocrisy And Public Failings Andrew Breitbart, Founder Of BigGovernment And BreitbartAs A Rule I Never read books I Blurb, But I Couldn T Resist With This One I Even Gave It To MyYear Old Son, Who Poured Over It Slack Jawed All Afternoon, Thus Warping Him For Life It S That Subversive And Good Tucker CarlsonThere S A Reason That People Watch Greg Gutfeld S Hit Show Red Eye At AM Than Watch Most Of The Other Cable News Networks In Prime Time He Is One Of The Most Creatively Funny People On Television Irreverent, Over The Top, And Comedy Served Up Raw Is The Best Way To Describe Greg S Style His Book Is The Bible of Unspeakable Truths But Don T Even Attempt To Convince God That Reading This Substitutes For Daily Bible Reading After Reading This, You Ll NEED To read The Real Bible But You Ll Laugh Yourself Holy Reading This One Gov Mike HuckabeeGreg Gutfeld Is Funnier Than All The Smart People I Know, And Smarter Than All The Funny People I Know I Don T Know What That Makes Him But One Of The Smartest, Funniest People I Know, Is Fair To Say Matt Labash, Senior Writer At The Weekly Standard And Author Of Fly Fishing With Darth VaderGreg Gutfeld Is The Host Of Fox News Channel S Nightly News Show, Red Eye, And A Blogger For The Daily Gut He Was One Of The First And Most Popular Bloggers At The Huffington Post, And The Only One To Garner A Petition To Be Thrown Off The Site Born And Raised In San Mateo, California, Gutfeld Earned His Bachelor S Degree From The University Of California, Berkeley, And Currently Resides In New York City With His Wife, Elena

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