I disliked our heroine, Lauren Wright too many contradictions in her character She s a research scientist, a freakin PhD, and but she fails to grasp the most basic elements of logic She writes pornography on her laptop at work, even , but a little bit of nudity has her blushing like a Catholic virgin Nope couldn t do her.
By the blurb i was led to believe this would be non stop Dom sub fantasies made reality when the hero and the heroine gets forced to stay together in the House of Pain Instead, here s two people who lack chemistry, she doesn t trust him and he s condescending A lotaction thriller than smut.

The heroine was TSTL She ignored the danger in order to fight with the hero She fantasized about D s but didn t want to submit The hero was likable to a certain extent He was caring and protective Unfortunately, he was a doormat to the heroine There was no relationship development Majority of the sex scenes were dreams and excerpts from the heroine s erotic journal.
Okay I have just started reading this and Kris has taken Lauren into her fantasy world, and I am sorry just because she is aroused doesn t mean she accepts She is saying NO She does not want this, like she said they only just met, I have a feeling I will not like this book as much as other books of Evangeline Anderson I was right I couldn t do it, didn t like it, I ended up skipping to the end which I never do, I read books cover to cover but I just couldn t do that with this book.
Hot read Really liked the plot Great vampires.
i really enjoy this, a very good read à Secret Thirst À Lots of hot sex, with both secret fantasies of the heroine that she has written on her laptop and the actual sex of the hero and heroine And, after he steals her laptop, he is able to read all her fantasies and help her act our some of them, though she at first resists, especially when they must go to a BDSM club to receive a cure for an infection she receives from an infected vampire.
The heroine has perfected a formula for synthetic blood that would also help the vampires come out and show humans that they can be trusted not to feed on them And with a conference coming up that the vampire community will vote on the nu blod and coming out, the hero wants to convince the heroine to give up her formula But when she is kidnapped the vampire hero will have to decide if her life or his dream of coming out isimpor Very good book, although a bit on the erotic side Premise is curvy woman has secret fantasies that she writes in her laptop She also is a scientist working on a synthesized alternative to bagged blood for transfusions What she does not know that there is a secret world of vampires, some of which want to come out of the coffin, so to speak One powerful vampire decides to follow her and steal her research, which he assumes was on her laptop Guess what he found instead Well, he meets with her to discuss a deal for obtaining the fomula, she gets gravely injured and they both go hiding in a vampire undergroud sex club It apparently is the only place that has the treatment Well, it is a good book Check out the description.
Lauren Wright Is A Serious Research Scientist With Blonde Hair, Smoky Green Eyes And A Curvy Plus Size Figure Too Bad Her Closest Relationship Is With Her Laptop, Where She Stores All Her Most Forbidden Fantasies Of Erotic Submission Lauren Has Perfected The Formula For NuBlood, An Artificial Blood Substitute That Is Identical To Donor Blood Nicolas Kris Works For A Vampire Organization That Needs The Formula For NuBlood In Order To Come Out Ó read Ó Secret Thirst by Evangeline Anderson ↠´ To The World At Large And Prove That Vampires Are Than The Blood Sucking Fiends Found In Horror Movies He Swipes Lauren S Mac, Thinking That The Formula Is Encrypted Inside What He Finds Instead Is A Code Worth Breaking The Key To Lauren S Heart When They Meet, It S Hate At First Sight But A Sinister Group Of Vamps Who Don T Want To Be Outed Attack Lauren, Forcing Her And Kris To Take Refuge At The Most Notorious Bondage Domination Night Club In Houston, Where The Price Of Admission Is Fantasy And Desire In Order To Survive, Lauren Will Have To Act Out Her Own Erotic Scenarios With Kris Acting As Her Master While He Does His Best To Quench Her Secret Thirst Very good Not the book I first thought I was going to be reading Each time you think you get a handle on the plot it makes dramatic right turn Not that I m in any way upset about this, it was fantastic You never knew exactly what was going to happen next even if you think you do I also loved how Mrs Anderson managed to make this tale extremely spicy with very little actual sex That is definitely a talent The only complaint I had was I wanted to seeloving between the characters, but since that is usually my complaint after any romance novel I would still say job very well done Definitely worth picking up.

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