This second books was just as interesting as the first one and made me happy to see red and her mate again Snow and Raq where just as interesting as Daria and Red.
A second book in the Urban Fairytales and it s a good one Snow and her woman are a great pair and have great adventures These two are close to my favorite pair in the series Good fun.
People Are In Need Of Location Or Rescue Outside Of The Walled Cities In A Werewolf Infested World Gretta Snow, Recovery Specialist And Wolf Hunter, Is The Woman To Call Her Ability With Weapons And Combat Are Just As Formidable As Her Magics And Supernatural Connection To Nature After Saving A Boy From A Kidnapping Outside Of Seattle, She Finds Herself Caught Up In A Plot By The Alpha Wolves To Protect Their Own Power With Rachel, The Woman She Loves, She Stands With The Red Hood [ read Online Snow (Urban Fairytales #2) º metallurgy PDF ] by Erik Schubach ✓ And Her Hellhound Against Some Of The Darkest Gypsy Witches The World Has Seen In Centuries Fantastic spin on a classic fairytale If you have ever read any of the authors previous books then this one is no different It is a splendid read and will keep you hooked until the very end Snow is not your original fairytale snow and that s what makes this book so great It s a new take on a classic fairytale which makes her so muchinteresting to the reader If the books description didn t hold your attention then this isn t a book for you Looking forward to the next book in the series and any others the author has up his sleeve Well done Erik on another fantastic book I honestly didn t think I d like this as much as the first one but I was mistaken Snow was easily as loveable as Mari was and so is Rachel And the fact that Red and Daria made an appearance gave it a good link to the last book I thought it was an absolute pleasure to read, it was really well thought through.
This series is constantly a surprise and new addiction of mine Gretta is amazing She is tough, smart, and protective Her back story is one that grabbed my heart and didn t want to let it go Rachel s commitment to her job and later Snow was beautiful and might have caused a small crush from me This author constantly surprises me in the depth of characters and the exciting plot twists and turns in this new series I highly recommend this book and series.
Snow (Urban Fairytales #2) ☆ Another JemErik s stories never fail to draw me in,I love the worlds and people I get to meet and the adventures I get to take The only drawback is that they end to soon Keep them coming.
omg I loved Snow and Rachel they were such a great team then add in Red and Daria omg it was awesome.

Not quite as good as the first book We will see how the others are These books are nice for a short trip out of reality.
The second Urban Fairytales story takes place an indeterminate time after the first book, Red Hood The Hunt The authors blog specifies 18 months , in alternate present day Seattle While it is possible to read this before reading the preceding book, specifics of the main plot that are covered in the first book are only briefly mentioned and also spoils specific events this book would assume the reader already knows.
We are introduced to two new protagonists in this book, both of whom have been exposed to the meta physical part of the world prior to the beginning of the story They are brought together through their separate pursuits of a common goal which results in them bonding upon realizing they are curious about each others secrets By circumstance they end up paired again, deliberately this time, and their newly formed relationship is put to the

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