Not a fan I understand that I haven t read the other books in the series, but I seriously doubt that would make these characters anylikeable for me I simply didn t warm to any of them These are stereotypical high school girls mean, bitchy, sneaky, conceited, self centred This book doesn t represent the image of a world I d like to see for girls It represents reality for far too many and doesn t do enough to condemn a bullying culture.
That s just my opinion, guys Much love to everyone who praises this book and its characters and genuinely has soft spots for them You found something in this book that I didn t Love to everyone xoxo This book series is very sweet and has lovely little moral values spun within each adventure of the twins Character development is the main focus of each story as the twins meet new classmates and teachers upon each return to their school Life experiences teach valuable lessons.
My favorite character is Carlotta, the little circus girl who loves who she is through and through and remains unique throughout every school year.
St Clare S Girls Are Now In The Fifth Form, Shortly To Go Up Into The Sixth, But They Are Not Too Old For Tricks And Escapades, Jokes And Excitement Especially Amusing Is French Girl Antoinette Who, Like Her Sister Claudine, Doesn T Always Understand The Ways Of St Clare [Enid Blyton] ↠´ Fifth Formers of St.
Clare's [amateur-sleuth PDF] Ebook Epub Download ð S Another book in Blyton s series about St Clare Boarding School This book was first published in 1945 and it is important to keep that in mind when reading as some of the language is dated and means something entirely different in current times This was a particularly humerous book with a wonderful description of Mamzelle s hilarious night catching burglars.
Just to set the mode of the time, here is a brief quote Each term brought different things to learn, besides lessons Those girls who faced their difficulties, saw and understood their faults, conquered their failings, and became strong characters and leaders would make the finest wives and mothers of the future.
Ó Fifth Formers of St.
✓ I like this book It really is interesting it engages the reader.
Pas baca buku pertama seri St Clare ini kupikir kalah menarik daripada seri Si Badung atau Malory Towers Tapi ternyata setelah baca buku kedua hingga yang keenam ini, seri ini justru seri sekolah berasrama yang paling kusukai dari dua seri lainnya Soalnya memang kisah anak anak St Clare jalani masa sekolahnya ini lebih variatif dan lebih terkesan menantang Solusinya pun ga se jump to conclusion kayak dua seri lainnya.
Rekomen banget lah .
aku baru sadar, setelah membaca habis semua seri st clare, ternyata ceritanya hampir sama ya.
ada anak baru, anak baru tersebut kemudian berulah, terus diselesaikan eh disadarkan di st clare Yihaa Kali ini tentang anak baru yang menonjol adalah Alma Pudden yang notabene bukan anak baru Tapi anak kelas IV yang diturunkan krn sesuatu hal.
Ternyata dia menderita suatu penyakit yang mendorongnya selalu makan dan tidak dapat mengendalikan diri.
Tapi di seri terakhir ini, Mirable yg sebelumnya telah baik, justru menjadi congkak dan sombong setelah diangkat menjadi Ketua Murid bidang Olahraga.
Oya, Angela si Cantik juga kena batunya Dia tidak naik kelas karena malas belajar dan hanya peduli pada kecantikannya.
Endingnya, si Kembar Pat dan Isabel diangkat jadi ketua murid untuk periode terakhir mereka ada di st cla

gadis gadis st clare naik ke kelas 5 banyak sekali yang terjadi di semester ini mirabel yang menjadi ketua olahraga sekolah tapi kemudian sempat menjadi lupa diri Alma pudden anak kelas 6 yang diturunkan dari kelas 6, serta cs claudine antoinette kakak beradik yang merupakan keponakan mam zelle.
di akhir cerita, pat dan isabel menjadi ketua murid di st clare karena mereka akan naik kelas 6, kelas tertinggi di sekolah asrama itu yah, sedikit memaksa sih menurut saya, kesannya seolah olah ingin agar pat dan isabel selalu sama, seragam, dan setara but it s ok.
favorit saya adalah hillary dan sejujurnya saya juga membayangkan kalau Angela itu pasti lovable hahaha 4.
5 stars I thought it was astoundingly brilliant Could hardly believe it was from the same series as all its prequels what with its utterly delightful and fast paced, gripping plot as well as its jaw dropping characterisation It was also a very thought provoking read with a startling amount of psychological depth within Exceptionally well written indeed I just loved it I loved it But i m soo sad that the fifth formers can t play any tricks nor have midnight feasts because they are fifth formers

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