This Is An Alternate Cover Edition Of ISBN Damien Hart Will Never Allow Himself To Fall Into A Committed Relationship He S Seen The Worst Of The Worst, And He Knows That There Isn T A Woman On Earth That Will Ever Change His Mind All Of That Changes The Moment He Meets Brooke Tyler Damien S Entire View Of Women And Relationships Is Rocked By Her, And Though He Tries, He Can T Make Himself Stay Away Brooke Is Ù Shattered Hart (The Hart Family, #2) º Download by Ç Ella Fox Everything Damien Never Knew That He Wanted Will He Be Able To Let Go Of His Past And Take A Chance On Love This Is An EROTIC Romance Get A Fan Ready, Because Damien Is Going To Heat You Up 2,5This book started just fine but somewhere in the middle i got distracted It lacked on editing in some places, which i don t like and surely missed the spark that could make it better.
It also repeated too much on the Dual POV and it just felt rushed on other parts.
For example we never found out Brooke went back to her family house to live.
No we had to remember that from the first book.
It wasn t DNF but had multi problems.
I think the biggest was that part of the story was happening along with Rina and Dante s story.
That could give a perfect alternate perspective but it did n work.
The whole Tally situation was childish and goofy and i missed the Hart family.
But the sex was amazing and the chemistry was strong.
Around 80% of the book things started to look better and better.
And the end was really good.
75 stars This book had so much potential I really like all of the characters in the Hart series and tuned in again because I want to know where each of them will end up by the end of the series This book fell short for me for a couple of reasons First and most importantly, because the story was told from two POV s which I usually love However, in this book each chapter was retold in the next chapter from the alternate POV.
word by word This might have been okay if the book was longer than 186 pages It was so repetitive, that it barely covered any ground and before I knew it the story was over Even scenes from book one were revisited from an alternate POV but with the SAME dialogue word for word Second, the entire book was the hero fighting his feelings for the heroine so we weren t able to enjoy them together until the v

I really wanted to like this story After reading the first book Broken Hart, I was actually excited and looking forward to this one But the constant change of POV ruined it for me Normally it doesn t matter to me, if it is well written, but here it was just annoying one moment we have Damien s POV and then turn of page and we have the EXACT SAME MOMENT from the beginning but with Brooke s POV The exact same scene, same dialogues, everything There are even a numerous of scenes from book 1 yes same dialogues and all but again from each POV All in all the book is finally really short since you are constantly re reading the same thing and I felt like nothing was happening between the characters.
After half of the book I just didn t have the courage to I m not convinced I ll ever tire of the Hart boys, this series is easy reading romance at its best Be warned these boys are smutastic.
Damien Hart a self confessed man whore, his sole concern for relationships is that of a physical nature, however this bad boy finds himself in love with a close friend of the family The story shows the journey of Damien discovering that he is capable of loving another, sweet girly sigh and moving past his own demons to have the HEA he deserves.
Brooke is a sweet, likeable innocent character that is helplessly in love with one of the Hart boys She is loveable from the start and the author plays out her character brilliantly.
A few up s and downs, tears, fears and all manner of

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