Enough AlreadyFirst, There Was Tiger Mother Her Battle Hymn Joyfully Sang The Death Knell Of America And Its Lazy, Over Indulgent Parents The Chinese Way Was The Only Way To Parent If You Wanted Success And Mental IllnessNow, There S Bringing Up Bebe, Which Claims That French Parents Are The Ones Who Know How This Parenting Thing Is DoneOh, PleaseCome On, American Parents Grow A Pair We Have No Reason To Put Ourselves DownFirst, The Stereotype These Cultural Parenting books Portray Isn T True [ Pdf Battle Hymn of the Tiger Daughter ↠´ polyandry PDF ] by Diana Holquist ↠´ For Every High Achieving Asian, There S A Just As High Achieving Jew, WASP, Hispanic, Etc Doing As Well Or Better Without The Trauma Of Parental TyrannyAs For The French, I Don T Know What Playgrounds Pamela Druckerman Hangs Out On, But I Ve Spent Many An Afternoon On French Playgrounds In Paris And Beyond And I Ve Seen Some Pretty Atrociously Behaved Enfants I Ll Never Forget Being In A Row Boat Under A Lovely Bridge In The Loire Valley With My Very Well Behaved American Kids Paradise Except For The FrenchYear Olds Pelting Us And The Other Boaters With RocksListen Up, American Parents We Nail It Why Because One Precept Guides American Parents Above All That Makes Our Country And Our Culture Still The Go To Paradigm For Education, Business Entrepreneurship, And The ArtsThis One Distinctly American Value Sets Children Raised The American Way On The Path To True Success And HappinessThe Value Is This American Parents Praise The Rebel, The Dreamer, And The Outcast Above All Else We Re Not About Chasing A Stereotype To Fit Into The Old Ways We Re About Standing Out And Finding New Ways We Re Not About Conforming To Society S Demands For Good Behavior We Re About Remaking Society One Amazing, Breathtaking, Shocking Risk At A TimeWe Question EverythingEven OurselvesSo Unlike The Provincial French Of Druckerman S World Or The Chinese Of Chua S World, We Re Out To Grab The Best Of Every Culture We Can Get Our Hands OnThat S Why Americans Raise The Kind Of Kids Who Can Invent Facebook, Google, And AppleThat S Why We Raise The Kind Of Kids Who Can Write Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother Or Bringing Up Bebe Yes, Those books Were Written By Fierce, Questioning, Re Inventing American Moms Americans Take The Best From Every Culture, Avoiding Destructive Mistakes, Because We Re Not Culture Bound That S Why America Is Still The Go To Country For Mad Creativity, Fierce Independence, And Daring Self DirectionWant Your Kid To Make It Big Go To France I Know, Hilarious, Right Want Your Child To Have A Happy, Fulfilling Life See You In China Yeah, I Didn T Think So Want Your Child To Be Creative, Independent, Mentally Balanced And Ready To Take On The World read Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Daughter, The Story Of One American Kid, One American Mother, Lots Of Self Doubt, And Eventual Triumph The American Way Has a few swear words Good follow up to Tiger Mother I don t agree with everything she writes, but I think my parenting style is definitelyis line with hers than with Tiger Mother I liked the fact that her daughter contributed some chapters Her philosophy that children will succeed if you just leave them alone to find their own path is true for some children However, I do believe that some kids need to be forced to engage in life and made to do things they aren t always happy about.
I need a reality check on one thing What does the title of this book say to you I assumed it was a book by the daughter of an Amy Chua type mom It isn t It s by a mom and her teenaged daughter Well, technically it s all by the mom, but she interviews her daughter and then weaves her answers together into coherent chapters.
I wasn t sure I d like it at first The whole first chapter is a smug, pompous brag about how Diana Holquist totally rejects the tiger mom ethos and lets her children watch TV and play video games, and those kids are still mad overachievers Swell.
She rattles off examples of her kids amazingness, giving a looong paragraph to each of them Then she chides readers for being impressed The second reason my kids are awesome is that I don t care about achievement

I really liked this book Thanks Janet This is a Western mom s version of how to raise successful, smart children w o yelling, screaming or forcing them to practice an instrument for 5 6 hours Her children were allowed to be kids The chapters alternated between the mom and the daughter I didn t hate this mom like I did the original Tiger mom I found myself agreeing with a lot of what she said As a parent, your heart just aches for your child when you see them struggle with friends especially girls or school work but you have to stand back and let them make their own choices They may not make the decision you want them to make That is why is is called growing up The daughter in this book is not your typical tween She follows the beat to her own drum The mom was smart to let her do her own thing instead of forcing her to conform to what is popular.
I enjoyed itthan the Tiger Mother version the daughter s POV is interesting She s a smart girl without parental influence Mom was smart to let her little ones shine on their own

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