Third Culture Kids Growing Up Among Worldsis one of the best resources for TCK s I ve ever foundand most definitely the best book It s resourceful and practically therapeutic, a must read for anyone who knows or who is a TCK I d definitely recommend this for any TCK s who are leaving their host countries to further understand their experiences.
Gives a good overview of what a TCK is, traits that define them challenges they face and how they can be handled overcome It s not just for TCK s themselves, but parents of such people, those who want to know about TCK s and sponsoring companies.
I started this book several times, and read snippets One time I started it for a paper, I ended up crying because I could relate to a lot of it, and it made me feel lonely This time I got through it, I still ended up crying during several parts of it, but I m a bitheartened by it.
Don t fit into your little white upper class suburb that everyone thinks is totally happening Identify with a culture that is not your own Need to get out of town every week Keep wondering where you will go next Not making friends because one day you might move on If you have lived overseas and immersed yourself in a culture as a child, chances are you are still carrying baggage from those adventures Sit down, rest, read and you will discover yourself in these pages.
This book read me like a book.
Would highly recommend if you are a TCK or CCK Would still recommend if you aren t one.
Poetry this ain t It s written in the style of self help literature and it goes on and on.
But I had one aha moment after the other as I was reading it.
It describes precisely how I felt as a five year old with inadequate English at the American Community School in Athens because I was uncomfortable with my language skills I ended up befriending the other marginalized kids When my mom volunteered to be a tour guide for a day the only two suspended kids in the whole class were in my group of five friends I was OK academically, indeed the school pushed me up a grade, but my parents did precisely what this book says they should do they pulled me out so I could get a fresh start somewhere else.
And it anticipates my dismay when m

If you need a comfy sofa, 15 minutes, a stiff drink and an indulgent listener to give justice to the question Where are you from , then this is the book for you Also for people raising cross cultural children Highly recommended ↠´ Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds Ü I feel SO VALIDATED It was so nice to read a book that spoke to almost exactly my experience, growing up as a third culture kid There was a lot about myself and my personality that I could probably ascribe to the TCK ness of my upbringing for good and for ill , but it was incredibly helpful to read and understand how the experience of living abroad, especially for an extended period of time, can shape and affect you I especially loved the sections talking about grief, about ritual, and about certain things that have been shown to make break the third culture experience.
Great book, it really helped me understand the mind set of my own kids.
Wow I finally get myself A good read, although a bit repetitive and oddly organized at times Still, a must read for anyone who has dragged their kids halfway around the world or across the country to live in a foreign culture or who has been dragged at some point.
This Publication, The Authors Explore The Experiences Of Those Who Have Become Known As Third Culture Kids TCKs Children Who Grow Up Or Spend A Significant Part Of Their Childhood Living Abroad The Book Is Rich With Real Life Anecdotes And Examines The Nature Of The TCK Kid Experience And Its Effects On Maturing, Developing A Sense Of Identity, And Adjusting To One S Passport Country Upon Return The Authors Give Readers Download Epub Format Ó Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds PDF by Ó David C.
Pollock An Understanding Of The Challenges And Benefits Of The TCK Life And Provide Practical Suggestions And Advice On Maximizing Those Benefits

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