Part 2 Ocean Boulevard being part 1 and just as amusing as the first book, which I said was the funniest book I had ever read, well now it is the funniest books The author promises a third book I hope he hasn t forgotten A Global Tour That Takes Him From India To Greece To Africa, David Tries In Vain To Keep Out Of Trouble Poaching In The Lake District, Heli Skiing In Canada, Taking On The Pirates Of Nigeria And Disguising Himself As A Nurse In Durban Gritty And Raucous, These True Confessions Of Adventures On Board A Merchant Ship In The Bad Old Days Before Regulations Made Everything Ship Shape And Orderly Are A Riot From Start To Finish A Must read For Trailer ✓ Jumping Ships: The Global Misadventures of a Cargo Ship Apprentice PDF by ↠´ David Baboulene Anyone Who S Ever Dreamt Of Running Away To Sea, Baboulene S Stories Will Make You Weep With Laughter You know those slightly wierd people you see laughing to themselves on public transport well they re probably reading this book Some of the stories in this book had me almost falling out of my seat.
¾ Jumping Ships: The Global Misadventures of a Cargo Ship Apprentice ¾ Great story, laugh out loud funny having spent most of my life at sea I just wanted to read something of other peoples experiences This book measures up to this man s measure of the life I enjoyed the read It has extended my casual Kindle library.
One star only becausewon t let me give no stars Childish rubbish that really made me feel that the product description was breaking the trade descriptions act 1978 by being so misleading Honestly you should look elsewhere for your reading entertainment.

You will learn nothing about the real experiences of Merchant Navy Apprentices in the 50 s and 60 s from this book The author is a fantasist who seems to be on a paid world tour Work is hardly mentioned and the shore adventures are way beyond belief Pathetic save your money.
This book is unmitigated fantasy I am surprised at any real seaman giving it credit As an example the thought of a cadet stealing a ship is preposterous, the congo grounding absurd, Maybe I am missing the point, Capt Mike Shipman

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